Ventura Marathon: Super Excellent Recovery Week…Sorta

“Can it wait until after my marathon?” That was a common question that was either voiced aloud or to myself.

The race took place on Sunday, and at 9:30 Monday morning I was at UCLA to get a procedure that I had put off until after Ventura. This paragraph will be brief: It was a chick-thing. Continue reading “Ventura Marathon: Super Excellent Recovery Week…Sorta”

Ventura Marathon: Training Cycle Review

As is tradition at Run Mary Run, it’s time for the training cycle review. (OK, I know twice is hardly tradition and that last time the “tradition” was to do it before the race…fuck tradition.) Below is the self-assessed report card of my training for the Ventura Marathon: The Slow, The Fast, and Vegas. Continue reading “Ventura Marathon: Training Cycle Review”

Ventura Marathon: Plan C

There is a legendary story about NFL Hall of Fame safety Ronnie Lott that epitomizes toughness and gladiator-like mentality. In the NFC playoffs, Lott had his left pinky finger badly mangled in a collision – supposedly part of it lay on the field — but he came out briefly, taped it up and continued to play. Later, when given a choice between a bone graft that would mean missing playing time but could eventually give him full use of his finger and hand, he opted for the second option, which was to amputate the top of his pinky and keep playing. Dude played eight more seasons without the top of his pinky. I fucking love Ronnie Lott. Continue reading “Ventura Marathon: Plan C”

Ventura Marathon Training Week 11: Taper Goes Left

Weekly Summary: 8/31/15 to 9/6/15

I wish I could say this week was boring, and that my main problem was going stir crazy and having heavy legs (i.e., typical taper issues), but as my last post detailed, this week was spent dealing with a most bizarre injury for a runner – an upper body issue. Continue reading “Ventura Marathon Training Week 11: Taper Goes Left”