Training Week: September 30 to October 6

And we’re back to our regularly-scheduled training. After taking a week off to heal the callus, it is now at 80%. Of course, I then had to deal with this wonky ankle…also 80%. I’ll take it! Read on for how my comeback week went. (Does five days off qualify as enough time off to call it a comeback? A bit dramatic perhaps?)

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Training Week: September 23 to September 29

Debated whether to even do a post about this week. Pretty much of a wash, and I just wanted to put it behind me. I couldn’t run until the end of the week, and then when I did…yikes. Five weeks until my first half marathon in almost two years. Very very not ideal. Read below for the details.

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Training Week: Sept 16 to Sept 22 and Be The Light Race Report

Had a fun group 10K scheduled for the week. Be The Light Night Run/Walk is for a great cause, and it was supposed to be a “let’s see where we’re at fitness-wise” test as part of my training plan for my half marathon in November. Since it’s in the middle of a training cycle, I didn’t do a complete taper, but I did lighten things up a bit and tried to do more fast-twitch stuff. Anyway, the race turned out to be more difficult than expected on the one-hand…and also one of the best races on the other. Read on for the details.

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Training Week: September 9 to September 15

Your girl is tired. That is the theme of the week. Full training week of five training runs: base pace on flats, base pace on rolling hills, short tempo run, long run, and a recovery run. Plus three training sessions with my coach. I am close to topping out in mileage as I won’t go past 35 miles — not at this age! I can’t believe I ever did 48 when marathon training. Sheesh. Read on for the highlights.

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Training Week: September 2 to September 8

It’s been a while since I have had a focused training goal. For the past year and a half I was fluctuating between distances and ran races from 100m to 5Ks to 10Ks, and even a 10000m race on the track, which was a totally different strategy. At times I would get healthy enough to think maybe – maybe – I had it in me to do another half marathon. All this led to uneven training and non-race/distance specific key runs. For example, my coach with one track group said that my intervals would be totally different depending on whether I’m racing the 100m or a 10K. Basically, I was all over the place. Now that I’m healthy (not gonna lie, it scares me to even say that, it’s been so long), I am squarely focused on training for a half marathon. So here’s the work I did this week.

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5 Things: 5 Days of Eating – Food Diary of a Vegan Runner

Being vegan – esp. being a vegan athlete – this is something I get asked a bunch: “What do you eat?” Well, the long wait is over. Here is my 5-day food diary. Everything is vegan (except honey if you’re super strict vegan)!

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