Training Week: June 23 to June 30

Final week of June to end a 110-mile month. In a word, June was Consistent. I seemed to find my training rhythm and maintained increased intensity when necessary, and my weekly total miles for this month were 27, 28, 28, and 27. I mean. Read on for the details.

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Training Week: June 16 to June 22

This week ushered in the end of quarantine phase 1 (let’s be real, there’s gonna be a phase 2), and in this window — however long it lasts — I trained as if I will be racing in the fall. In fact, I did look up some races and put them in my calendar…just not ready to sign up for them. Anyway, there was a return heightened effort and focus in each workout. Read on for the details.

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Training Weeks: June 1-7 and June 8-15

It’s been a return to the old the past two weeks. While in quarantine the past two and a half months, I have been running 6 days a week, which is an extra day a week. This was for a couple reasons: (1) I needed the mental release of running that extra day; and (2) I used to take an active rest day of aqua jogging which is very close to running without the impact, but with the gyms closed, I couldn’t do that. Since I didn’t want to lose my running fitness, I decided to, well, run. Well that six day a week run thing came to an end in June, plus another little change. Read on for the details.

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Training Week: May 24 to May 31

The running week started out well with fresh-ish legs for a base run, but only a couple days later the unthinkable finally happened: I had to tap out on a workout with Trainer. It only took 3 1/2 years and 10 weeks of Shelter-In-Place for it to occur, but it did. Boooo. Turned out to be a good thing though, so read on for how the running week went, including this most humbling of events.


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Training Week: … Oh Who Even Knows What Week it is Anymore

Forreal though, what day is it? Today was the end of the ninth full week of quarantine. Running has certainly changed over these weeks — not necessarily for the bad. It’s just a shift, and I remain curious as to what God is trying to reveal to me in this time. So read on to catch up on the running stats.


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Training Week: April 6 to April 12

Not really sure how to grade this training week. Thursday marked Week 3 of Shelter in Place for California, and my philosophy about my running has been to on the one hand, stay the course and stick with routine, so even though I don’t know what race I’m training for, I am acting as if I have a race in the summer. So it’s foot to the pedal on the one hand, but on the other, I am also being gentle with myself. This time is stressful, and so I am allowing myself to be more flexible. So I hit two out of three of my hard training runs this week…not 100%, but seems like it was perfect for this time. Here’s how the week went.


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Training Week: March 30 to April 5

This week was a little harder mentally, and I felt myself struggling a bit. Luckily this was a cutback week, so I had lighter runs. I am also not doing extreme speed and strength training with Trainer right now — tho I did get in one day of work. At a six foot distance, of course. So grateful that I can still run outdoors, and of course for this gift of running.


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Bloop: Three Training Weeks, Two Upended Training Plans

So I had A Plan. Actually I had two plans…then COVID-19 happened; hence, no plans. Grateful to be healthy and safe and still able to run. I have tentatively made a third plan, but honestly, like everyone else, I’m just winging it. Below are notes from my training journal in real time. Hope everyone is staying well and at home! We got this.

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