Surf City Training Week: Jan 6 to Jan 12, 2020

Between the leg strengthening, the mileage, and the one-hour plus of aqua jogging to supplement my mileage, my legs are like “Why tho? What did we do to you?!?” Ha.These are my weekly miles in the last 6 weeks: 11, 6, 19, 27, 31, and 34. My long run in those 6 weeks went from 3.5, 3, 4 to 12, 13, and 14. Yikes.

Phase 2 begins…now!

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Training Weeks: Dec 23 to Dec 29 and Dec 30 to Jan 5

My strategy in this six week accelerated training cycle is to ramp up mileage for three weeks and then focus on speed for three weeks. That will give me the week of the race to rest, and then we go! Do not try this at home, kids. I am honestly just winging it. Here’s the summary of the last two weeks of Operation Hurry Up and Get the Mileage Up!

Surf City

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Race Recap: Surf City Half Marathon

So this is another late (but only by a month!) race recap. Also, I basically copied it from my Instagram post. I wish I could add some nuance or a fresh take to this recap, but I have to get to the gym before it’s too late. Anyway, if you don’t follow me on IG, then here’s the recap! Continue reading “Race Recap: Surf City Half Marathon”

Training Week Feb. 8-14, 2016: Post-Race Regrouping

Well, Surf City left me with more than just a new PR. I received a couple “gifts” from the race. Luckily, nothing terribly awful, but that charley horse was no joke and my calf was jacked up for a few days. And then, totally random, I got a corn on the bottom of my foot. What the what?! Turns out that’s more painful than the calf strain. Anyway, again, apparently not life threatening. Phew. Continue reading “Training Week Feb. 8-14, 2016: Post-Race Regrouping”

Surf City Half Marathon 2016: Race Recap

Looks like I’m Queen of the B-Goal. So close to the A-Goal though. Argh.*

If you’ve been following my blog these past four months, then you know my training has been quite different for this race. In fact, it’s difficult to characterize what I’ve been doing as specifically training for the Surf City Half since I had no plan or schedule other than rehab, prehab, strength train, speed…and then fit in my junk miles and one long run when I could. So physically my preparation for this race was unusual in that, other than the long run, getting the miles in were not the priority. Continue reading “Surf City Half Marathon 2016: Race Recap”

Pre-Surf City Half Marathon Musings

Well, this afternoon I finished my last bit of training for this Sunday’s Surf City Half Marathon by doing a five-mile run on my lunch break. Coincidentally, my route starts along Santa Monica Blvd. in Century City, which is a wee stretch of the course for the LA Marathon being run the week after on Valentine’s Day. Earlier this morning I had my last training session, and while it wasn’t taper as I know it, it was definitely a notch below what we usually do. Meaning, I didn’t find myself rethinking my life choices at any point in the workout. Continue reading “Pre-Surf City Half Marathon Musings”

Training Week Jan. 25-31, 2016: It’s A Wrap (Almost)

And so this was the final training week for the Surf City Half Marathon on Super Bowl Sunday. In reviewing my week, I realized yet again how different this training cycle has been. In a previous post I wrote about what the New Normal looks like for me, but I continue to find things that fall into the I-Never-Did-That-Before category. Continue reading “Training Week Jan. 25-31, 2016: It’s A Wrap (Almost)”

Training Week Jan. 18-24, 2016: My First DNF!

What an odd training week. Nothing could be categorized as “normal” or “standard.” From the get-go, my Monday workout was not the usual upper body/core day with Trainer. Not only was it track day, but it was also at a new location, Cal. State University Northridge. I survived, but I usually try to get some evening junk miles in during the early part of the week, and for the first time Trainer asked me not to run that night and just let the track workout sink in. Then, even stranger, for again the first time I got a text from him the next morning saying he thought we should take the day off. Odd. The track workout was difficult, but it’s always difficult. I couldn’t really tell that it was any harder than the others…but I found out later when I tried to run seven easy miles. Yikes. My legs – no, my entire body – were done. Even my sides hurt. Continue reading “Training Week Jan. 18-24, 2016: My First DNF!”

I’m Not That Kind of Runner!

Ugh. So for almost three weeks now I’ve known that I was going to be running in a track meet this Saturday. Trainer sprung it on me on Jan. 1 (Happy 2016!). I was so shocked that when he sent the flyer to me I asked him if he had meant to send it to one of his track clients…Nope, it was for me. Continue reading “I’m Not That Kind of Runner!”

Training Week 1/11-1/17/16: Je Suis Fatigué – or – My Legs are Broke Down

Last week was supposed to be a post-cutback week, meaning my legs were supposed to be peppy from lesser mileage and intensity, and ready for a full week of training. Unfortunately, my training summary for last week revealed that nah, even though my total mileage was less, training still went hard. My body was handling it pretty well and able to take it on and actually thrive…until it couldn’t. That day was Wednesday. Continue reading “Training Week 1/11-1/17/16: Je Suis Fatigué – or – My Legs are Broke Down”