Race Recap: Revel Canyon City Marathon – BQ! BQ! BQ!

This is a super long post. Because BQ.

Qualifying for the Boston Marathon has been a secret goal of mine since 2012 when I took my marathon time down from a painful 5:08 in 2010 to a 4:30 over two marathons. Before my 4:30 marathon, I had never thought of Boston as a feasible goal, but when I looked up the qualifying time for my age group and saw it was 3:55, the seed was planted. I told one person – my FMC – and kept that sh-t to myself, because it seemed like a crazy out-of-reach goal. I have been a solid mid-packer my entire running career, and Boston, well, Boston is for those fast runners. Still…that 30 minute PR got me thinking that maybe? Continue reading “Race Recap: Revel Canyon City Marathon – BQ! BQ! BQ!”

2015-2016: Glancing Backward and Running Forward

Is it too late for 2016 running goals? Surely it’s way past the due date on a “Year in Review” post for 2015.

Too bad. The Golden Globes were just this past Sunday, the Oscar nominations were just this morning, and so in this post we honor the Best in Running for 2015, as well as look at a preview of what to expect in 2016. Continue reading “2015-2016: Glancing Backward and Running Forward”