Five Things: Lost Work Perk-Outfit of the Week-Creepiest Thing I’ve Heard-Book Review-Best Wedding Idea Ever

The Work Perk I Lost. So if you’ve been following my social media, then you know I have work perks, like a flexible start time and ambiguous (yea, let’s call it that) dress code to name a couple. But I also had another bonus: my own parking space.

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Highlight Reel: The Week That Was

When I started this blog, I wasn’t sure what it would be. Strictly running? Maybe mix in some random pieces? I also wasn’t sure how personal it was going to be. Who’s reading this? Anyone? Does it matter? Two months in, and I still have no fucking clue and am trying to figure it out. So here is a glimpse of what my real-life non-running week looked like.

Most Surprising Event: I got a baymate! After a year and a half of basically having a two-cubicle suite in a remote corner of the office, the firm decided to put a person in the secretarial bay next to mine. (Never mind that I had completely declared it Mine by putting my shit all over it, I had one hour to clear it out. ) I get teased because whereas most secretaries share a bay, I have tended to be solo. My last baymate tapped out after four months and was moved. Before that, I was alone in another region of the office. Anyway, not sure how long J. will last (my boss thinks he will break soon), but I actually have decided that it’s good to have him here. One, he helps me with my document management projects, so whereas before I had to walk far to give him work, now I can just throw it at him. Ha. Second, the fear of who they’d put in his stead far outweighs having a neighbor. I knew that open bay wouldn’t stay empty forever, and J. is highly preferable to who COULD be placed there. So, for now, we have formed a Survivor-type alliance and are standing together in hopes of not being stuck with a crazy person for a baymate.


Unexpected Good Fortune: It’s my year in the Chinese horoscope! Year of the Goat/Sheep. Even better, my husband’s sign, Year of the Horse, is also supposed to have a good year especially in business. Luckily, I found this out before the new year hit on Thursday, so I made sure to [have my husband] sweep on Wednesday night. Next day, I put my skanky post-6 mile run hair in a ponytail. I will not sweep the house or wash my hair until this weekend in order to hold onto as much new year luck as possible! Gung Hay Fat Choy!


Best Mistake I Made: Screwing up my bank account. I am terrible at keeping money straight, which is funny because my husband is a CPA, and my mom has a degree in accounting and worked as a bookkeeper. Anyway, I thought I had less money in my personal account, and it turns out I had a lot more money than I thought! Last time I made a mistake it was the other way, if you know what I mean – not cool. But this time my bookkeeping-ineptitude worked to my benefit, and I paid off the last of my debt and still have a nice cushion for any future mistakes. I was so proud of my mistake that I decided to buy myself a couple items as a reward for screwing up.

Worst Thought I Had This Week: So I saw on Facebook that a childhood friend of mine was having thyroid surgery. My first thought was concern and “OMG, I hope she gets well.” But I’m gonna be real here: My next thought was “I wonder if having your thyroid removed makes you lose weight?” I stopped myself from googling such question because I’m not totally horrible, but yeah, I’m kind of a rotten human being.

Well, so now you have a glimpse at the high (and low) points of my non-running life. Basically, I’m a terrible person who has ridiculously good luck. Have a great weekend!