Second Chances Scholars Announced!

My grant writing side gig highlighted how complex and unwieldy getting goods and services to people in need can be, and at some point I pivoted from trying to secure money for nonprofits to being the one that delivered the money to the people in need. So this summer I started my own nonprofit foundation with the singular purpose of granting scholarships to Title 1 high school students in the Los Angeles area.
I’m so happy to announce the winners of the 2019-2020 Second Chances Scholarship awards. These six outstanding high school students have demonstrated perseverance and strength in overcoming adversity, establishing academic distinction, and giving back to their communities. These kids have made an impact on my heart and continue to inspire me; truthfully, I am not sure who helped who in this whole process. They are quite simply remarkable young people and a reminder to never give up on any child or youth.
Anyway, if you want to read their stories, here is the link. There is also a donation tab on the site if you feel inclined to do so. Zero money goes to administrative fees or expenses – it all goes to the kids. Meaning, the more money raised —> the more students like Stephanie, Naidelyn, Arlet, Angel, Linda, and Cecilia get served.
Love wins. Yay.
Stephanie Hernandez Hijar
Animo Leadership Charter High School
Career Goal: Pediatric Nursing

Scholar-5Naidelyn Ramirez
Lynwood High School
Career Goal: Criminal Justice/FBI

Arlet Elizalde
Manual Arts High School
Career Goal: Social Work/Therapist

Angel Delgado
Lynwood High School
Career Goal: Journalism and Business/Entrepreneur

Linda Diaz
Nava College Preparatory Academy
Career Goal: OB-GYN

Cecilia Ulloa
Van Nuys High School
Career Goal: Filmmaker


The Portion Left Over

Scenes from a recent Saturday afternoon glean at the farmer’s market. Gleaning is a practice that goes way back; in fact, it’s mentioned in the Book of Ruth. Yup, Ruth was an OG Gleaner. Anyway, the custom was to take the remains of a harvest and use it primarily for the poor who had little or no means of supporting themselves. These disenfranchised people were often the widows and the elderly who had lost their husbands or relatives due to death or abandonment and had no other way to survive. So I work with as a Glean Team Leader for a wonderful nonprofit called Food Forward, and we go into farmers markets and ask the vendors if they would like to donate any of their unsold produce to be given to underprivileged families. So awesome.

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