Five Things: Fall Fashion – Gross Food – Spirituality and Grammar – “Liberal” L.A. – and Lisa

New Five Things: My favorite Fall look (beware!); A Gross Food I Low Key want to try, Spirituality and Grammar, “Liberal” L.A., and Why Lisa Bonet is still the Queen.

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Random Running Stuffs

Just some odds and ends that I wanted to share but didn’t seem to fit into a singular or thematic running post.

New shorts! I confessed to owning five pairs of the same exact Nike Tempo shorts, and said I’d purchased a different pair to change things up a little. Voila! I love them.

new shorts

New hats! Summer is upon us here in Los Angeles, so I got some new hats.



I baked! Now that I’m not eating white sugar, I wanted to find snacks that would help take the edge off. I was also looking for something that didn’t have chemicals or crap and would have some value as far as fueling for my next or last run. I got this recipe off of ultrarunner Sally McRae’s website, and it meets all those requirements. This is runner blasphemy, but I don’t like fruit — including bananas — so this helps me get in some of that fruit allotment. She recommends using ingredients that you like for the non-base ingredients. I used dates, carob chips, and Goji berries. There isn’t an exact recipe, so you can make the texture to your liking. Note that mine (left) look different from Sally’s (right). Guessing she likes hers denser and uses more oat flour. Perhaps as important as the nutritional goodness is the fact that they’re tasty, but not too yummy, if you know what I mean.



OK, don’t laugh. I got these compression boots. At my age, I’m obsessed with recovery and keeping my legs springy. I had tried these boots a couple years ago but wasn’t ready to commit then. Well, I have a connection and got a good deal on them. This is my first week trying them. Of course, the first time I used them, I had the control jacked up to the highest level. Holy shit! I couldn’t unzip those puppies fast enough. I am using them 30 minutes at a time.


So that’s the miscellany happening over here.

Running Uniformity

In searching for a photo for a previous post, I noticed something while skimming through my running pictures. Do you see it too?

running photos

Like seriously, do I own just one pair of running shorts? I mean, I’d understand if they were all race photos because people sometimes have a particular (lucky) race outfit they like to wear, but even during training, every photo has me in the same brand, same style, same color shorts. Well, it’s for good reason. See…


Yeah, that’s five of the exact same pair of old school puffy Nike Tempo shorts (slightly ill-fitting and baggy because that’s how I roll), five black short-sleeved Nike Dri-Fit shirts, and for those super hot days, three of the exact same navy blue tanks from Target (don’t know the brand).

In a world of infinite options for running wear, I’ve managed to impose a running uniform upon myself.

I come by it naturally. See, I’m a Catholic/private school girl, so I wore uniforms from ages 6-17. I LOVE uniforms. While educators and parents cite lower clothing costs and reduced peer pressure, I just liked them because I didn’t have to think about what to wear. As I see it, it’s a physics issue. As in I have limited brain space and time. There’s only so much room up there to care about a finite amount of things, and I don’t want “figuring out what to wear” to take up too much of that pie chart.

It’s not that I don’t like or care about fashion. I actually have a healthy style interest and have carefully cultivated a particular aesthetic for myself. However, one of the advantages of being 47 years old, is that I’ve had a lot of time to figure out what I like and what suits me. I’m fairly particular and difficult to fit (not too many hobbit departments) and, add that to the fact that I hate shopping, well, once I find something that works, I’ll usually buy it in a couple different colors. Or three. Or, well…it’s 2014 Anthropologie.


In the morning, when I’m scrambling to get my pre-run, run, and post-run workout in before work, I don’t want to have to think about what I’m wearing and having this Nike Tempo short/black t-shirt pseudo-uniform addresses that need. I know it’s not Stella McCartney and it’s for sure not Galliano, but maybe Armani – a little boring but respectable? While wearing the same running outfit over and over again might be a snooze, I find that the brain space and time I save not thinking about it and not having to go shopping means I have a little more room for fun in another part of my life.

However, I’m also not immune to the fact that, um, BO-ring. So…voila! My latest purchase. And I only bought one.

new nike