M2B Training Week 2: Feb 24 to March 1, 2020

This was supposed to be a high mileage week, but life got in the way. After 50 years at one location, my office moved across the street to the Towers. I had spent 22½ years of my work life in that building, but I am excited about the move – change is kind of exciting, and the new place is a significant level-up in every area. Anyway, with both my schedule turned a bit upside down and being exhausted from the move, I ended up having a low mileage week with no long run.

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Surf City Training Week: Jan 6 to Jan 12, 2020

Between the leg strengthening, the mileage, and the one-hour plus of aqua jogging to supplement my mileage, my legs are like “Why tho? What did we do to you?!?” Ha.These are my weekly miles in the last 6 weeks: 11, 6, 19, 27, 31, and 34. My long run in those 6 weeks went from 3.5, 3, 4 to 12, 13, and 14. Yikes.

Phase 2 begins…now!

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Training Weeks: Dec 23 to Dec 29 and Dec 30 to Jan 5

My strategy in this six week accelerated training cycle is to ramp up mileage for three weeks and then focus on speed for three weeks. That will give me the week of the race to rest, and then we go! Do not try this at home, kids. I am honestly just winging it. Here’s the summary of the last two weeks of Operation Hurry Up and Get the Mileage Up!

Surf City

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Training Week: October 7 to October 13

I have one more piece of business to take care of before I put a bow on my running year — the Santa Clarita Half Marathon. This will be my hardest training week of the cycle and includes two double-digit runs, a track workout and two other training sessions. Here’s how that went.

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Training Week: September 30 to October 6

And we’re back to our regularly-scheduled training. After taking a week off to heal the callus, it is now at 80%. Of course, I then had to deal with this wonky ankle…also 80%. I’ll take it! Read on for how my comeback week went. (Does five days off qualify as enough time off to call it a comeback? A bit dramatic perhaps?)

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Training Week: September 23 to September 29

Debated whether to even do a post about this week. Pretty much of a wash, and I just wanted to put it behind me. I couldn’t run until the end of the week, and then when I did…yikes. Five weeks until my first half marathon in almost two years. Very very not ideal. Read below for the details.

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Training Week: Sept 16 to Sept 22 and Be The Light Race Report

Had a fun group 10K scheduled for the week. Be The Light Night Run/Walk is for a great cause, and it was supposed to be a “let’s see where we’re at fitness-wise” test as part of my training plan for my half marathon in November. Since it’s in the middle of a training cycle, I didn’t do a complete taper, but I did lighten things up a bit and tried to do more fast-twitch stuff. Anyway, the race turned out to be more difficult than expected on the one-hand…and also one of the best races on the other. Read on for the details.

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