I’m super interested in working with people who are into helping people and making an impact on social justice. Below is a list of past and current collaborations. If you have a project that needs assistance, or would like to know further about these organizations, please contact me.

Also, if you’re a woman and interested in submitting to this blog, I’d love to hear from you. Whether it’s a small business or nonprofit you’d like me to spread the word about, or a written piece you think would fit this blog, contact me. I love boosting other women who are out there contributing. I mean it. Here’s my email

A New Way of Life
Legal Clinic Community Volunteer

ANWOL provides housing, case management, pro bono legal services, advocacy and policy development on behalf of formerly-incarcerated women rebuilding their lives. They offer a bi-monthly legal clinic to help people reduce, reclassify and/or expunge their criminal convictions. Their mission focuses on ensuring the women, children, and families in the community are positioned for successful re-entry. 

Food Forward
Community Ambassador and Farmer’s Market Glean Team Leader
Food Forward is a food recovery organization that Organization that recovers food that would otherwise go to waste from backyard fruit trees, public orchards, farmers markets, and the downtown Los Angeles Wholesale Produce Market. 100% of recovered produce is given directly to food banks and hunger relief agencies in Southern California.

New Basin Blues
Assistant Race DirectorResolution Relays
The proceeds of this inaugural relay race will help fund the New Basin Blues Cross-Country Shoe Fund and outreach. Every year, New Basin Blues running club donates running shoes to high school cross country teams from disadvantaged communities. Some of these kids have been running in basketball shoes or hand-me-downs that are two sizes too small for them, and most of these kids had never been in a specialty running store. Through donations and a pairing with Adidas, kids are fitted and gifted with a brand new pair of running shoes! Besides the shoes, the club seeks to demonstrate to youth that there’s a running community outside of their schools that is here to support them.

Veterans in Global Leadership
Grant Writer
VGL is comprised of high-potential student veterans seeking to enter positions of leadership in order to positively impact a rapidly changing global landscape. While many veterans assistance programs exist, a program to serve returning post-9/11 veterans aspiring to leadership positions was lacking; thus VGL sought to fill this education gap by identifying and cultivating diverse, highly competent, skilled student veterans who have already excelled in facing and solving the complex challenges, and positioning them to obtain the fellowships and scholarships that will facilitate their entry into impactful leadership roles in a range of fields.

Cesta Básica Sustentável, Brasil (Sustainable Food Basket)
Community Ambassador, Researcher, Grant Writer

The Sustainable Food Basket project promotes the consumption of crops and products cultivated in small family rural properties in Brazil. Such consumption leads to increased health, encourages biodiversity, and reduces climate change by valuing Brazil’s natural ecosystems. The cultivation, distribution, and sale of these products develops economic empowerment in these primarily women-led communities.

Listen for Life
Grant Writer
Listen for Life serves as the umbrella for several projects that seek to propel musicians into becoming global agents of social change. These ventures include providing music therapy to hospitals and refugee camps and holding free concerts with donations benefiting local organizations.

Compassion Club/Compassion In Action
Compassion Club and Compassion In Action is a partnership that collaborates in providing meals and hygiene kits for the homeless population in Los Angeles area.

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