Five Things: COVID-19 Edition

I mean, they might all be pandemic editions for a while, but here’s the first.

Best Purchase: These UGG Fluff Yeah Slides >>>
My super generous bosses got me gift cards for Administrative Professionals Day, so I bought these WFH quarantine slides! Now if these don’t put a smile on your face…*

*Thanks for the tip on these from my friend and stylist extraordinaire Natasha Petit. If you need a style overhaul, check out her site!


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Training Week: … Oh Who Even Knows What Week it is Anymore

Forreal though, what day is it? Today was the end of the ninth full week of quarantine. Running has certainly changed over these weeks — not necessarily for the bad. It’s just a shift, and I remain curious as to what God is trying to reveal to me in this time. So read on to catch up on the running stats.


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Training Week: April 6 to April 12

Not really sure how to grade this training week. Thursday marked Week 3 of Shelter in Place for California, and my philosophy about my running has been to on the one hand, stay the course and stick with routine, so even though I don’t know what race I’m training for, I am acting as if I have a race in the summer. So it’s foot to the pedal on the one hand, but on the other, I am also being gentle with myself. This time is stressful, and so I am allowing myself to be more flexible. So I hit two out of three of my hard training runs this week…not 100%, but seems like it was perfect for this time. Here’s how the week went.


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Training Week: March 30 to April 5

This week was a little harder mentally, and I felt myself struggling a bit. Luckily this was a cutback week, so I had lighter runs. I am also not doing extreme speed and strength training with Trainer right now — tho I did get in one day of work. At a six foot distance, of course. So grateful that I can still run outdoors, and of course for this gift of running.


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Bloop: Three Training Weeks, Two Upended Training Plans

So I had A Plan. Actually I had two plans…then COVID-19 happened; hence, no plans. Grateful to be healthy and safe and still able to run. I have tentatively made a third plan, but honestly, like everyone else, I’m just winging it. Below are notes from my training journal in real time. Hope everyone is staying well and at home! We got this.

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M2B Training Week 2: Feb 24 to March 1, 2020

This was supposed to be a high mileage week, but life got in the way. After 50 years at one location, my office moved across the street to the Towers. I had spent 22½ years of my work life in that building, but I am excited about the move – change is kind of exciting, and the new place is a significant level-up in every area. Anyway, with both my schedule turned a bit upside down and being exhausted from the move, I ended up having a low mileage week with no long run.

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