Training Week: June 17 to June 23

This was the prep week for my Goal Race. Although I’d done several races this season — beginning in December — I viewed them mostly as training races (i.e., I didn’t taper) and trying to race myself into shape after basically taking a year off. Doing prep was like riding a bike — felt good to feel the nerves again.

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Race Recap: USATF Masters West Region Track & Field 10000m

Qualifying for Boston was my Goal for four years – four years I chased that thing! And after I got it, I was kind of like “Now what?” At 50, I knew I didn’t want to keep putting that pounding on my body, and I was also no longer interested in the time suck of marathon training. My trainer/coach is a track guy, and his other runners are track athletes, so I thought that would be a good challenge.  I’m not fast enough to be competitive in the really short stuff or even the middle distances (800m), but it seemed a natural fit to transition down to 10000m.

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