Five Things: Shoe Steaze – My Boss – Surreal Invite – Photo of the Week – Living Cyclically

This week’s Five Things: Some Shoe Steaze; My Boss Almost Made Me Cry; a Surreal Invite; Photo of the Week; and Living Cyclically (For Women Only).

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3 Keys to Finding the Right Coach

The coach-client relationship is a unique one, so it is of top priority to choose the right person to help you reach your goal. After all, not only is there a significant financial investment, but you will also be entrusting them with your dream — whether it be athletic, entrepreneurial, or an overall vision for your life. In my case, I had a dream. A crazy dream: Qualify for the Boston Marathon. I was a good-plus runner, but to qualify for the Boston Marathon, I was going to have to cut over 30 min. off my marathon time, and I had spent the last four marathons stagnating at around the same finishing time and then suffering from chronic injury. Fortunately, my first coach was the right coach. While I thought I had just lucked out, after listening to a high performance podcast featuring best-selling author and leadership speaker David Horsager, it turns out there are some key points that made this partnership work so well. It begins with building the trust necessary to reach one’s goal, and that requires a solid framework based on competency, character, and connection.

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Five Things: Fall Fashion – Gross Food – Spirituality and Grammar – “Liberal” L.A. – and Lisa

New Five Things: My favorite Fall look (beware!); A Gross Food I Low Key want to try, Spirituality and Grammar, “Liberal” L.A., and Why Lisa Bonet is still the Queen.

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One Week in Medellín, Colombia

A few people have expressed shock at our choice in Colombia as a vacation destination, but it has been on my radar for a while now. One reason was because of a man; the other because of its transformation. Read below for how we spent our one week in Medellín, Colombia fka the most violent city in the world and now, according to Urban Land Institute, the most innovative city in the world.

View from our Air BnB

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APAHM: Representation Matters

May is Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, and on its first day, Lucy Liu became just the second Asian-American woman to have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. In her speech, Lucy paid tribute to Anna May Wong, the first woman who received her star in 1960 – almost 60 years ago.


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