Race Recap: USATF Masters West Region Track & Field 10000m

Qualifying for Boston was my Goal for four years – four years I chased that thing! And after I got it, I was kind of like “Now what?” At 50, I knew I didn’t want to keep putting that pounding on my body, and I was also no longer interested in the time suck of marathon training. My trainer/coach is a track guy, and his other runners are track athletes, so I thought that would be a good challenge.  I’m not fast enough to be competitive in the really short stuff or even the middle distances (800m), but it seemed a natural fit to transition down to 10000m.

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Training Week: May 6 to May 12

Three years ago when I was trying to BQ, I had gotten strong enough that I was able to do a hard core session with Trainer AND run 6-7 miles. That has not been the case this past year as I’ve tried to manage my foot injury, build my fitness again after a year off of intense training, and oh yeah, deal with aging. Boo. This week finally had me feeling back on that road. But the best part was running my funnest race of the year: The Omega 5K.

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