5 Things: COVID-19 Silver Linings

This time has been difficult for so many people. From a physical and mental health aspect, to an economic standpoint, COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on so many lives. This post doesn’t mean to minimize that real suffering, but rather to acknowledge unexpected blessings that I have experienced as a result of this shelter-in-place. It is also part of my spiritual practice to write a daily gratitude list, which helps adjust my attitude and keep me positive, and so it is important for me to recognize these moments. Hoping you are experiencing some silver linings as well.

This little girl came home with me in February 2007. I had been looking for a cat, but ended up with her ‘cuz she was just so weird looking. I was like “What the heck is that?!?” Anyway, my little girl is nearing her end. She can hardly walk, and oftentimes I have to pick her up with a harness. But one of the unexpected blessings of this quarantine is how much time I get to spend with her in her last days/weeks/months. I’m usually gone from early morning until past 7:00 pm, but now that I’ve been home more, I’ve been able to hang out with her and hug her, pet her, talk to her, give her snacks, and just love on her. She has started looking for me now, and as soon as I go into the bedroom, she comes in to lie down on her bed next to me. I’m so grateful for this time with her, and that she knows how much she is loved.


Random Wonderful Stay-At-Home Discovery  

The Zoom meet-ups have been an interesting way to get to know people who I usually only see in a specific setting. Last night I was in a group meet-up and saw my friend doodling by her window, and I was like “S__________, do you draw???” I’ve known her for over a year but only saw her in a particular context and didn’t know this about her. She briefly held up her drawing pad, and I said (demanded?) “Send me your drawing please!” This morning my phone alerted me to a marvelous surprise when I was gifted with this…Hope everyone is discovering some wonderful things during this strange time.


Unexpected Wonderful Pandemic Happening #3

I have grown up, lived, and worked in predominantly white spaces; and while that has changed a bit in the last decade, there is one space where I am still usually The Only One in the Room. Last summer I happened to be in that space again – but only I wasn’t. Another Asian woman spotted me and made sure to get my number, and she promptly invited me, and has kept inviting me, to a group that was especially formed for Asian women in recovery. For months I have put her off, telling her it was too far, but really I thought “What the heck do I need to talk to a bunch of Asian women about this for? I have enough friends.” Well, because of shelter-in-place, I finally got to make it to this group via Zoom, and somewhere in that hour I looked at my screen – full of women who looked like me – and I felt it. I had no idea that there was even a part of me that was missing that until I saw 16 squares of various shades of brown women speaking my language. All of us nodding “yes” when someone said the words “Being valedictorian wasn’t something you hoped for – it was expected”…And then all of us sharing our stories of making a hard left away from that valedictorian path. Ha. And now that I have had it, I crave it. Who knew.


Since social distancing — and now for CA, a stay-at-home order — the air in LA has been so clean. As someone with low grade asthma, it has been amazing to take in deep gulps of fresh air while running. Another unexpected result of this strange time is seeing all the kids out. As I drove to the trailhead, I saw kids walking and running(ish) with their parents on sidewalks and bike paths. I don’t remember seeing this many kids out since the ‘70s and ‘80s when I was growing up. Anyway did a 4.5 mile trail run and got some great views of the Santa Monica Mountains, the Sepulveda Dam, and the Nike missile tower site which is a Cold War relic. Glad I got out there before the rain.


My latest pandemic project and a good pectoral workout — Lara Croft: Weed Killer.


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