Training Week: June 30 to July 6

This was a bit of a cutback week. “Only” one hill run and a shorter long run. The hill run was pretty intense though, and the rubs were done in the Valley summer heat though so they were still Not Easy. Read on for the details.

Funnest workout of the week…Trainer took three of his athletes out for a trail run this morning: a distance runner, a sprinter, and a soccer player. There were hills. It was hard. But we loved it! We all want to get better — so fun to be around people like that.

As I mentioned, summer running in the Valley is here! The heat got to me, and I will have to get up earlier to avoid this nonsense. Anyway, I did end up finishing strong with my last mile being my fastest. I was feeling defeated by the heat but wanted my pace to be in the 8:45 range for the run, so I was reminded of what one of young women told me on our trail run last week when it got tough at the end: sprint and then slow down, sprint and then slow down. Basically, a fartlek. For some reason this really helped mentally —  knowing I’d get a break. My last mile was an easy-ish 8:20. Yay.

So the week looked like this:
Tu – 4 miles at 9:10
W – No run; elliptical
Th – 6 miles at 9:02
Fri – 4 miles hills/trail run at 9:56
Sat – 4 miles at 8:53 (morning)
2 miles at 9:26 (evening)
Sun – No run
Mon – 6 miles at 8:45

Total Weekly Mileage: 26
Long Run: 6 miles

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