Five Things: WFH

I never ever thought I could do my job from home. My boss and I interact throughout the day, from me telling him who’s on the phone, to him dropping off work for me on my counter, to endless emails and print requests — all seemingly which required me to be in the office. Turns out not. So here are some notes from my new reality of WFH as a legal secretary. Not mentioned: The 2.5 hours per day of my life that I have gained back by not having to commute into the office. Low key I hope I never have to do it five days a week again.

(The painting is an original Ozz Franca who was famous for the Big Eyes paintings of the ‘70s. And I just put up the poster — it’s from the 2018 Boston Marathon Expo and lists every runner. Yup, my name is on there. It’s a reminder that I can do hard things.)

Well, I finally got a window office! Ha. So this is the new workspace for a while. The thing I miss the most? My standing desk! So I finally made a makeshift one. The view isn’t the Hollywood Hills or Pacific Ocean but not bad. Also, some things remain the same. Still wearing running clothes to work and, despite the 10-step commute…still punched in 6 min. late 😂


My super straight-faced, hyper-focused, “intense” boss just emailed me a smiley face emoji. This pandemic has everyone acting crazy.


For the first time in years, I have a baymate. His personal hygiene leaves a lot to be desired, and dude doesn’t seem to work at all, but I’ve grown fond of this smelly, hairy guy.


Week 4 WFH Highlights: Fresh flowers on my desk and pajamas. I’ve orders three more pairs of pajama pants since they’re now daily work attire, but these are still my favorite. Because Love.




Be careful what you wish for! I had long wished for a day when office dress codes would be abolished, a new era where I could wear sweats and (stylish) pajamas Every.Day…Turns out that’s cool for about six weeks. Started Week 7 of Shelter-In-Place by wearing a dress, curling my hair, and putting on lip color. Kinda makes me feel hopeful that one day I’ll get to dress up and look nice again. It’s most probably back to sweats tomorrow, but today is a day to feel pretty.


4 thoughts on “Five Things: WFH

  1. When my manager told me to take my laptop home back in March I said why?
    When they told us we could/should cancel our monthly parking passes, I said why? We’ll be back in a few weeks and I don’t want to loose my spot.
    For the first month I used my laptop and a 20 yr-old LCD display. This was going to end soon.
    Then I got permission to stop by the office and pick up on of my 30″ displays. Home was beginning to feel like the office.
    I was out of sorts for the first two months or so.
    Now I’m settled into this WFH routine and love rolling out of bed at 7 am and casually watching the news, having some coffee and checking email.
    Home and office have become one.
    I’m kind of okay with that and the idea of going back to the old way causes unease.
    But the idea of always being in the office and never going on vacation is beginning to piss me off.
    I’m feeling a bit on edge lately about going nowhere and always being at work.

    1. It was weird at first, but I do love the pace of this WFH. It’s gonna be difficult going back. Sounds like you have a good set-up!

  2. Great post. For years I argued against working from home. But that was when my team was colocated in one office. For many months now my team has been scattered in 4 offices and 3 time zones across the planet. With the pandemic, I began working from home in March and, honestly, hope to make it a permanent or semi-permanent thing. It is working way better than expected and I didn’t realize how aggravating my 38 mile commute was.

  3. Agreed! I was also a firm non-believer in WFH, but I hope I never have to do a full 5-day work week at the office again. The only thing I miss is the more direct interaction with my boss. Other than that, I love this new work life. So much freedom.

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