Self-Care: Morning Routines

I am someone who thrives on routine, so to the extent I can keep mine during this uncertain time, it is a comfort. I am still running, working (from home), and having (online) contact with many of the people I would normally see throughout the week. This morning I shared with someone my morning routine and thought someone else might find it helpful, so here it is – photo of the page below. The benefits are that I start my day with a clearer mind and better mindset; it also keeps me current and gets rid of the clutter in my brain. It’s an integral part of my spiritual practice and a wonderful quiet time before I have to get up and GO. After posting mine on social media, I received a couple responses from women who shared their morning routines, so I have included those at the bottom. Would love to hear from you too.

1. Gratitude List. I get real specific here. It’s not just “my life”. This was on my list for yesterday: “J____ from IT helping me out so I could work remote.” It forces me to think about the day and realize how good I have it.

 2. Contributing/Packing In/Thinking of Others. Note how small this section is. Ha. I count texting someone just to check in on them, making sure to smile at people when I walk by them. If I’m in a meeting or class, trying to contribute. Everyone does this in different ways — I’m mostly a try to bring a lighthearted energy to a situation person. I basically count any time I am trying to bring something rather than take something to any encounter.

3. Do Better. Note how large this section is. Yikes. This is where I review my day for when I’ve been selfish, dishonest, resentful, or afraid. Where do I owe an amends. You get it. (Now I have to add “Use a better tone with IT.” Sheesh.)

4. Prayers. These are for other people, as well as institutions.

5. Scripture/Daily Reflection/Mantra. I read a daily reflection type of book which has a principle or idea that I try to remember throughout the day, and I write down a grounding theme or word.     So there you have it. In the midst of chaos and uncertainty is routine. Anyway, I love hearing other people’s morning routines as I eventually shake things up so things don’t become too rote, so let me know yours.


Response No. 1

I do almost the same thing. I write 3 different things for which I’m grateful. They can’t be the same as yesterday or even last week. I write 25 affirmations and do the same review questions. I don’t read something but I like your idea of reading something then writing a grounding word or theme. If I can remember and not get distracted I try and think how I would like to feel at the end of the day and feel it now. Also: what’s hard is not checking my phone first thing right now. I use it as a light in the early morning because I like to see the changing light of the sky in the morning.

Response No. 2

First thing (after fixing latte)
1. gratitude list, did wells and prevailing feeling to my sober sisters and my Alanon group.
2. Just for Today.
3. Excerpts from page 86 “Upon awakening, etc.”
4. Acceptance prayer.
5. Steps 1-3
6. Step 7 prayer.
7. Then asking God to take my son in his arms and cradle him in His arms to help my son do His Will. Then asking God the same for me but for me to trust God’s plan for my son. Then asking the same for wife but for Him to help with her intentions for the day. Then I have a whole list of people I pray for.

Thanks for doing this Mary. It has made me realize how I have struggled of late to do this precious practice.

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