Training Week: June 23 to June 30

Final week of June to end a 110-mile month. In a word, June was Consistent. I seemed to find my training rhythm and maintained increased intensity when necessary, and my weekly total miles for this month were 27, 28, 28, and 27. I mean. Read on for the details.

Quite pleased with this Wednesday base pace run, since I’d just had my long run on Monday.

One of the ways my training regained its consistency is my work with Trainer, specifically the indoor work. During the stricter stay-at-home order, we would take weeks off at a time which had never happened before unless I was on vacation or sick. We also tried to do Zoom workouts, which were better than nothing, but really not the same. Anyway, indoor informs outdoor. I work just as hard on my non-running strength workouts as I do actually running. There is a misconception that strength training = (heavy) weights, but most of the exercises I did yesterday were body weight exercises. It takes a lot of leg strength to do these exercises. One drill works the type of muscles you’d need for hill running – from bounding (exploding up a hill) to the speed skater (braking on one leg down a hill). Another drill works hip flexors and last requires balance and lower leg stability…All of which led to my strong Wednesday run.

[To see the videos of these drills, visit my Instagram @marylhammond.]

Pretty face or pretty pace — hard to get both, so today I chose the latter. Ha. The photo is from the hill sprints I ran ran earlier in the week. The goal is to just not let my pace fall off too much with each rep. You know it’s bad when the lactic acid hits your arms. I fought for it for sure. Anyway, this morning was my longest run since Stay-At-Home, and capped off a 27-mile week (I am keeping my weekly mileage at just under 30 per Trainer’s orders.)

Also got in a fun girl’s run up the trail. The mountain we run at has two different paths. One is a shorty 3-mile up and back, which has some steep hills but they are short in distance, so you get a break. The other way…well, it starts with a .8 mile steady climb. Whew, it’s rough. My mantra going up it is “This is gonna be fun going down” — it’s the only thing that keeps me from stopping and crying. Ha.

Total Weekly Mileage: 27
Long Run: 9 miles

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