Training Week: April 6 to April 12

Not really sure how to grade this training week. Thursday marked Week 3 of Shelter in Place for California, and my philosophy about my running has been to on the one hand, stay the course and stick with routine, so even though I don’t know what race I’m training for, I am acting as if I have a race in the summer. So it’s foot to the pedal on the one hand, but on the other, I am also being gentle with myself. This time is stressful, and so I am allowing myself to be more flexible. So I hit two out of three of my hard training runs this week…not 100%, but seems like it was perfect for this time. Here’s how the week went.


My latest running accessory courtesy of COVID-19. Speaking of running stuffs…you guys, I think it’s finally happened. After 22 years — my entire running career — I think I’m finally switching running shoes. IKR. Over the years I have tried other shoes (New Balance, Hokas, even other Nikes ), but I always came back to the Nike Zoom Structures. Alas, a couple years ago, they changed the tongue on the shoe, and it’s been bugging me ever since. I have bought up every Nike Zoom Structure 20 (the last iteration I loved) in my size that I could find but when the supply dried up, I finally asked the young lady at Fleet Feet for recommendations, after which she handed me the Saucony Glides. After a couple weeks I think I’ve finally broken them in, and I kind of love them. A lot of toe/front padding which is awesome because I’m a forefoot striker. I’m gonna miss my Nikes — they’re a lot more fly than these — but my feet are happy.


3 recovery miles in the rain. Best thing about the rain in LA — no one outside. I don’t even think I saw another runner 🤔. This morning I also had my first Zoom session with Trainer. Turns out three weeks off, and I am out of shape 😂. I was skeptical about how much work we could get done, but I learned (painfully) that you can work out really hard in a small space. Adjustments in all areas!



So the two hard runs I did hit were my 400s and 1K sessions. Here were the workouts.

1. 1.5 mile warm-up at recovery pace; 6x400m at 3000m pace (7:22) w/3 min. active recovery; 1.5 mile cool down at recovery pace.

2. 1.5 mile warm-up at recovery pace; 3x 1K at 10K pace (7:50) w/2 min. active recovery; 1.5 mile cool down at recovery pace.

Alas, I did not get my long run in. I’m still figuring out my Quarantine Schedule, and I ended up not being able to get it in early morning. I’m an early morning runner by preference, but now with COVID-19, it’s also safer to run in the early morning as there are way less people around. I ended up having to run in the late afternoon, and not only was I just not feeling it by that point, the amount of people on the street were freaking me out…so I ended up just doing 3.5 miles instead of the 8 that was called for on my schedule. Here’s to being flexible, and most of all — SAFE.


Total Weekly Mileage: 26
Long Run: 6 miles


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