Training Week: March 30 to April 5

This week was a little harder mentally, and I felt myself struggling a bit. Luckily this was a cutback week, so I had lighter runs. I am also not doing extreme speed and strength training with Trainer right now — tho I did get in one day of work. At a six foot distance, of course. So grateful that I can still run outdoors, and of course for this gift of running.


Nice negative split run: 9:06-8:45-8:29-8:22!

Halfway through my run, I saw two young (college age?) girls running the opposite way as me. They were going hard and looked so strong and bouncy, ponytails swinging — just full of life — and I felt my heart lighten a little. TBH I didn’t really know it was slightly heavy. I’m kind of the type to put my head down and get through things (a very good skill for miles 20-26 of a marathon!), and I have been managing well all things considered during this strange time; I do one day at a time and just deal with it. But I realized I had stopped dreaming. Like about my goals and my life, the future. Every morning before this pandemic, I would read a little index card with my life goals and dreams on it, but I had stopped doing that. As someone who feels deeply about living purposefully and leaving a legacy, this is unusual behavior. But this morning as I saw those two young girls racing towards me I realized how much life I still have, and they awakened that part of me that dreams. So I allowed that to take over…maybe that’s what spurred on the negative split? Hope everyone is staying safe and well!

Five hilly miles to end the week.
This morning one of my running buddies texted us a photo of his running route (swipe)…I was so tickled by this. It was such a whimsical and sweet thing to do (and an homage to Banksy’s Girl with a Red Balloon?). It made my morning and was a reminder that the good things in life are still here. Stay close stay connected and spread some love!

Anyway, despite this being a cutback week (I ran 5 less miles this week), my legs feel totally done. Rest day today, and then I hit it hard again. Hoping I have the bandwidth for it!

Total Weekly Mileage: 25
Long Run: 5 miles

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