M2B Training Week 2: Feb 24 to March 1, 2020

This was supposed to be a high mileage week, but life got in the way. After 50 years at one location, my office moved across the street to the Towers. I had spent 22½ years of my work life in that building, but I am excited about the move – change is kind of exciting, and the new place is a significant level-up in every area. Anyway, with both my schedule turned a bit upside down and being exhausted from the move, I ended up having a low mileage week with no long run.

Even though I didn’t get my long run in, I got in two quality speed workouts. The first one was a solo track workout:
1-mile warm-up
8 x 400m at 3000m pace; 400m recovery jog between each rep
I hit my pace on all my reps! Yay

The second speed workout was mile repeats followed by one-hour of lower body strength training.

Workout No. 1: 1.5 miles warm-up; 2x 1 mile at 10K pace (2 min. active recovery); 1.5 miles cool-down

Workout No. 2: Lots of single-leg strength work. Part of it with weights, then with depth jumps. Trainer added this a couple weeks ago and today I graduated to single-leg depth box jumps (this was hard!!) and then we did depth jumps into sprints — a lot of them. This one is an inside shoulder turn into a figure-8. Exactly.

Kind of proud that at my age I can still do a tempo run followed by a difficult lower body workout. So a side note about nutrition. A few weekends ago I was watching the NBA All-Star game when Chris Paul shocked everyone – and I mean everyone, including his teammates, his best friends, heck probably even his mama – and got up for the first alley-oop dunk of his career. Especially shocking because of his age (34) and the fact that he’s been beleaguered by injuries the past few years. Still, why is this on my page? Well, it’s because last year Chris Paul went plant-based after “The Game Changers”, a documentary about plant-based athletes which debunks the myths linking athleticism to meat. But listen, you don’t have to be a pro athlete to get results from a plant-based diet; one of the biggest changes that CP3 experienced is having way less aches and pains. Anyway, I would definitely have to attribute eating plant-based for a good part of the reason why I still feel pretty full of energy and can train really hard at my age. So all that to say…why not try eating more veggies? Maybe one day a week or one meal a week – make it meat-free. You might end up feeling just a little bit better!

Total Weekly Mileage: 19
Long Run: 5 miles


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