M2B Training Week 1: Feb 17 to Feb 23, 2020

The week started off uneventfully as I was on Day 2 of no running due to a slight calf strain. I went ahead and took two more days off before resuming Mountains2Beach Half Marathon Training!


TBT to Track Tuesday! …Actually I haven’t been out on the track in a couple weeks. I have been sick twice in two months which is very unlike me. Nothing serious, just nagging and enough to interrupt my training. So – I can’t believe I’m saying this – I have missed the track! Besides regular speed intervals, Trainer will have me do speed and agility drills and hill sprints (there’s a hill next to the track). Also, I change my mind, I do not miss track. The last video was the longest minute of my life. Double-leg bounding up a long hill. I’m still angry about it. Ha.

And then Yay! After four days off due to a stomach virus and then a slight calf strain, I finally got a run in. Before this run I had to survive – not hyperbole – an intense prehab session with Trainer. He had requested I not run before then, and once I completed everything (depth jumps, a gazillion single-leg exercises with weights), he said “You passed!” and gave me the green light to run. I swear I think a good chunk of a coach’s job is just saving you from yourself.

Of course, after I got the green light, I trained moderately. Of course not. I went back for more lower body conditioning and indoor speed work plus followed by another 3-miler. And then I got a long-run in at 9:13 pace, which I felt good about considering my legs were pretty tired. I closed out the week with a 6-mile recovery run.

So a very cool thing happened on my long run.  I ran into someone from my track group, who is a personal trainer and long-time runner, but more importantly, is in my age group and still going for BQs and PRs. IKR?! I love it! Anyway, I asked her about her training and any adjustments she’s made as she’s gotten older, and she shared with me what she does as far as mileage and cross-training, and what she told me reiterated the suggestion made in the book whose principles I’ve followed the last few years. In “Brain Training for Runners,” Matt Fitzgerald offers several training plans, but he also talks about the need for runners to customize their training to their individual needs and the importance of training responsively. Basically keeping your workouts in pencil and being willing to change them on the spot based on how one feels. This is particularly important at my age (52) when pushing through even though your body needs rest — just so you can cross off the scheduled workout — can bring you much closer to injury.

The penciled in plan is to follow one of the intermediate training plans in BTFR as far as the long run, but I will play around with the speed and tempo workouts. Meaning, if I have a track workout with Trainer I’ll substitute that. And for the next few weeks I will use the McMillan 10K training plan, which has been hailed as the best 10K workout ever and is only 7 weeks, because I want to run a 10K in April, and this looks really super painful. Ha. Perhaps the most important element is how I view recovery miles and/or junk mileage. My ego has to be willing to either run my recovery runs even slower if not completely pass on some if my body needs rest-rest and not active-rest. This leaves my weekly mileage somewhere in the 27-34 range. I’ll have three races in the next three months so I’ll have a good opportunity to see how this works and how my body feels.

Total Weekly Mileage: 22
Long Run: 10 miles


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