Family Heirlooms

Baking with ma!


I had a sweet moment with my mom last night. A couple weeks ago, I got a frantic email from my aunt looking for my Lola’s (Filipino grandma) date bar recipe. Even though it was my paternal grandma, it was my mom who made the recipe every Christmas and wrapped these bars in festive red and green cellophane. Unfortunately, she had to stop a few years ago because her arthritis made it too difficult to chop some of the ingredients (yes, she handchopped them).


Anyway, it was a family recipe that my Lola as the eldest of six girls was known for, and now no one could find it. How did we lose this family heirloom?!? So my mom said she would try to write it from memory, and both my aunt and I asked my Lola to help my mom remember…Not only was my mom able to recreate the recipe, her hands were healthy enough to chop up all the ingredients! So last night we baked together and tested it out – et voila! Success.


I am so lucky to be able to still have these moments with my mom. And even better, this whole search-for-the-recipe made me think about my beloved Lola Ading who passed 23 years ago. She was close to me all through the search and the baking. What a wonderful surprise it all was.


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