Surf City Training Week: Jan 6 to Jan 12, 2020

Between the leg strengthening, the mileage, and the one-hour plus of aqua jogging to supplement my mileage, my legs are like “Why tho? What did we do to you?!?” Ha.These are my weekly miles in the last 6 weeks: 11, 6, 19, 27, 31, and 34. My long run in those 6 weeks went from 3.5, 3, 4 to 12, 13, and 14. Yikes.

Phase 2 begins…now!

I think most runners think of lower body when they think of strengthening sessions, but upper body is important too. When my legs get tired (like they did on my 8-mile tempo run 😩), I will focus on my upper body for a bit to carry me through a rough patch. And in group track workouts, it’s usually the power of my upper body that will get me past other runners. So here’s some of the work I do with Trainer. He doesn’t have me lift heavy, but you can definitely hear the weight of the battle ropes! And though small, I have been told I’m freakishly strong for my size — consider yourself warned lol.

Wasn’t able to get out on the track this week, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get some speedwork in. Today I got to do the same workout that a former Pac-12 college football player did earlier this week — you can try it too. I can’t feel my legs, but a lot of fun. Here’s the workout – videos show all but the last exercise:

Line drills 8 sets (L-side/R-side; foot touch/hand touch; continuous/reset)

Ladder and speed circles

Single-leg hops down and back (forward and backward)

Single-leg hops in-and-outs 5x each direction

Single leg hops back and forth (forward/back and side-to-side)

Another long run in the books, and a 34-mile week. In the middle of the run it hit me how lucky I am that my body can still do this stuff at my age — and do it pretty well. Grateful. Hope everyone had a great week!

Three more weeks until Surf City! It’s getting real!

Total Weekly Mileage: 34
Long Run: 14 miles

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