The Perfect Red

I have been going with a red lip more than usual in 2020, and yesterday I got a compliment about my lipstick. 99% of the time I go make-up free except for lip color, so in this area I exercise great discernment (read: I will spend). Finding the perfect red had been particularly challenging…until I went to Bite Lip Lab. I have posted about it before, but it’s been only in the past year or so that they opened a Larchmont Village location, so now it’s accessible to all my LA friends.

Red for 2020.

So a few years ago, I made an appointment with a lip technician at this SoHo lip mecca and worked with her to develop several custom shades including an MLBB (My Lip But Better), a “wear to the grocery store” nude, and a True Red. You can watch your technician make your lipstick right there – a super cool thing. In addition to creating the shade, you can also choose the scent that would be mixed into the base, pick your case tops, and the finish (matte or sheer).

The Collaboration.
You can pick a scent for each shade or mix scents.
Erin writing down the formulas. Behind her is the “kitchen” where she’ll get the ingredients to mix.
Lipstick making process!

Oh! And since I’m about to run out of the True Red, I emailed Bite for a refill. They keep your lipstick shades on file, so I just had to tell them which one I wanted, and it is being shipped over to me. How awesome is that?

My file with precious formulas.

Anyway, the experience was a ton of fun, and I walked out with my own specially-created and entirely unique to me lipsticks. This is a great gift to give to yourself or another person!


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