Training Week: December 16 to December 22

Do not try this at home. I broke one of the major rules of training for a race and jacked up my miles too much. An ideal training cycle would have me increasing my weekly mileage at a reasonable pace — no more than 10% a week. But my pedestrian math calculations made me realize I have six weeks to get into shape for the Surf City Half Marathon. Not a big deal if I had been maintaining some running fitness, but I had basically taken three out of the last four weeks off from running. Basically, I am panicking. Ha. Anyway, here’s how the week went.

My body is in shock. After spending the last month hardly running and on vacation, my first few workouts back with Trainer have been a nightmare. Ha. It’s heavy lifting season and a lot of prehab and lower body work – basically all the stuff I need to do to put my body through the rigors of half marathon training again. I’m working through a left hamstring issue, and rather than back off, we attack it and go hard on it, which is very different from the traditional school of thought, especially for my age. I think it’s Trainer’s football player mentality, and while at first I was wary, now I’m a believer. Last couple videos are RDLs (the last thing you wanna do on a tight hammy), and another hamstring exercise with the added attempt at a clap pushup. Almost???

It’s cold out here!! OK it’s upper 40s. Anyway some speed stuff out on the track – hills, stairs, cone drills, and short sprints. I am not as fast as Trainer or his football players at the drills, but not too bad for a middle-aged distance runner OK!

My longest run in six weeks had been 8 miles about a month ago. This past week I did a 7-miler and then this long run over the weekend…Not an ideal ramp-up, but I have started panicking knowing that there are only six weeks left until the Surf City Half. I even wondered if I should pass on it due to my lack of training, but this run was encouraging — esp. since I did it on a rolling hills route to accelerate building my endurance even more. Last mile was my fastest (8:20). Yay. The plan for this shortened cycle is to do three weeks endurance building and then three weeks sharpening. Don’t love this delicate balance of pushing it hard and staying healthy, but oh well. Cross fingers I get to the start line in decent shape.

Total Miles: 27
Long Run: 12 miles

4 thoughts on “Training Week: December 16 to December 22

  1. Similar panic here. I got an unexpected e-mail that I was granted a spot from a wait list for a 25K trail run on Jan 18th. Dummy me clicked “Register Now”. I have a good fitness base but haven’t run anything close to 25K in quite a while and zero trail running in recent memory. But hey . . what could go wrong?

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