Training Week: December 9 to December 15

First week back from vacation, and I came back with stale legs and a little baguette pooch. Part of me couldn’t wait to get back to training, and the other dreaded. Here’s how it went.


First session of off-season track with Trainer this chilly (for LA) morning, and it was back to basics. The worst part isn’t shown in the videos. Today’s workout was my absolute two most hated distances; seriously, if I’d known, I would have called in sick. Lol. Dreaded 1000s and 600s. Trainer asked if I’d rather run 13 miles or do 1000s, and that was a no-brainer — if you’re a distance runner. But these are videos of the happier moments today: stride drills and hill sprints. Trainer is doing a lot of Correction. Sheesh, this dude sounds like my dad. Anyway, the focus was on form, high knees and keeping my wonky left arm in tight. I don’t know what it is about that arm, but it swings out like it wants to elbow some imaginary competitor 🤷🏽‍♀️Anyway, lots of work to do after almost a month off.

Cold and super windy run to cap off my first week of training for Surf City. Got in 19 miles for the week, including a couple speed sessions, but no long run. I’m freaking out a little since I only have six weeks to train for this thing and have basically taken a month off. These next few weeks are gonna be rough. Yikes. Hope everyone had a great week!


Total Miles: 19
Long Run: 4 miles (uh-oh)

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