Training Week: November 18 to November 24

Week 3 post-Santa Clarita Half Marathon, and Week 3 of No Plan. It went from 0 miles and 0 workouts (Week 1) to some 3-milers (Week 2) and then 25 miles last week (Week 3). I got worried about losing running fitness and endurance since I’ll be traveling for 11 days later this week. Here’s how my week back to full-time training went.

Trainer has focused on short and fast (read: painful) stuff. Started the week with a new hill workout that was four times up a steep (45-65 degree incline) almost quarter-mile trail at a good clip. Then two shorter sprints up. My glutes were sore for days. 

Then later in the week was a track workout where I did 8 reps of 150m with 50m walk in between. Let me tell you…I walked as slow as possible during those 50m and even threw in a water break just to get some extra breaths in. Here are my times for reps 2-8: 31:88; 30:96; 30:71; 32:33; 32:16; 31:29; 31:35. Basically it was a lot of lactic acid buildup. Ha. I am excited to see my times for the hill sprints and the 150s go down though!

Here were my runs for the week. Kind of whack:

W-Run 6 at Base Pace
Th-Run 4 Easy
Sat-Run 8 Easy
Sun-Run 5 Easy

What is that.

Also threw in some prehab and lower body work. Wishing I could build on this, but this week starts an active rest period. I’ll be back in the cycle soon enough, so I’m trying to enjoy the relative easiness of this time.

Hope everyone had a great week of training!

Total Miles: 25
Long Run: 8

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