Looking Backward, Looking Forward

Santa Clarita was my last race of the year, so with the natural reverse taper and the end of the year at hand, it seems a good time to set out the game plan for 2020. Here’s the very fluid plan for the closing weeks of 2019, my tentative race schedule for 2020, and my goals for next year.

Looking Backward

Before we look ahead, let’s put a bow on my 2019 races. After spending most of 2018 battling a foot injury, I was able to stay healthy enough to meet the USATF All-American standard for my age group in four events: 5K, 10K, Half Marathon, and 10000m (top 5 in the U.S.!). I also won my age group for the 5K and 10K races I entered and placed in the top 10 for women overall in those shorter distances. I also won my first actual prize-prize – a gift certificate for a massage! Here are a couple of Bests:

Best Race: Winning the gold in the 10000m at the West Region Track Meet. You can read the race recap here. https://marathonmary.com/2019/07/02/race-recap-usatf-masters-west-region-track-field-10000m/

Running the 10000m was something I’d never done, and I was pretty intimidated by it because of the competition and being super exposed on the track, so it was pretty cool that even at this age I am still willing to take on something that scares me a bit — it’s a good muscle to keep exercising.

Best Triumph: Staying healthy. I – knock on wood – stayed injury free this entire year! IKR?!? The only issues I had once my foot was fully healed was the blood-blistered callus and my ankle which was a result of my own carelessness/dumb luck stepping into a pothole. You guys, I’m 52 years old, train pretty intensely, and yet stay generally healthy (aches and soreness notwithstanding). I’m so grateful to still be running this strong at this age, so a big thanks to Trainer.

Looking 4-Feet Ahead

So here’s the tentative plan…I have no plan. Like literally no plan. The previous post has my week 1 and week 2 post-Santa Clarita training. This week I was gonna keep it at 3-milers, but I didn’t want to lose the endurance I had built up, so I will probably throw in a couple 6-milers and maybe a 10-miler within the next week.

But then I go to Paris for 10 days, and there’s no way I’m doing anything more than 3-milers on vacation. So I guess the plan is a reverse taper into an active rest? Yes, I’ll call it that.

Looking Ahead-Ahead

And then upon my return the second week of December, I hit the ground hard and fast with training for the Surf City Half Marathon in February. Below is my tentative race schedule for 2020.

February: Surf City Half Marathon
February-April: 5K and 10K tune up races
May: Mountains2Beach Half Marathon
May-July: 10000m race (gulp)
October: Ventura Half Marathon
November: Big Bear Revel Half Marathon

As you can see, there are several half marathons on the schedule. The 10K and half are really my preferred distances, and I’m so excited to be healthy enough to run the half again! I will probably do a couple 5Ks too…Because I hate myself. JK.


Duh- PR. Yes, I said it. It sounds slightly crazy because I haven’t had a PR in 2 years, but I’m game to try…Why not?

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