The Good Things are Worth Waiting For

I had put off a few things until after my last race of the season, the Santa Clarita Half. Things like eating anything not “fuel” and getting my hair done, which was three appointments (cut, color, keratin treatment). But it was my last appointment on a Sunday afternoon that I had anticipated the most.

New Hair

I had been wanting to get my tragus pierced for over a year, but there was never a good time because of my training schedule. I’m so glad I waited! My plan was to just go to some random studio, but a few weeks ago I spotted my friend — from across a crowded room —and was immediately drawn to her ear. It wasn’t flashy or obnoxious; in fact, it was so pretty and delicate. Super unique. I ran up to her, and she gave me the scoop.

Et voila. From going to some rando studio, I ended up at a renowned piercer’s establishment, and I had my ear “designed” by him. The jewelry is high quality but low key and, best of all, I never have to change out my earrings again. They are secured in and forever-ever. I love it so much. I feel if a Jane Austen character had been pierced, it would have looked like this.

The whole thing was an experience. When I met Brian, I told him what I wanted — the tragus — but, as was suggested by my friends who were his previous clients, I also gave him creative license. I walked in with three piercings on my left ear (only two of which I used) which had a diamond and then hoop going up. He added another piercing in addition to the tragus and completely changed up the jewelry so that it went hoop-diamond-diamond-hoop. It was definitely pricey; in fact, this is what is on the website and frankly it was what sold me on him. I wanted mine to be special.

And it is. This dude is a real pro, and while I initially rolled my eyes at how hip this Hollywood studio was, the piercing space is oddly peaceful amid this chaotic space. It was chill and relaxed and Bruce Springsteen’s The River played as I got pierced.I’m so glad I waited. I love it so much.

Piercing by BKT

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