Training Week: October 7 to October 13

I have one more piece of business to take care of before I put a bow on my running year — the Santa Clarita Half Marathon. This will be my hardest training week of the cycle and includes two double-digit runs, a track workout and two other training sessions. Here’s how that went.

Tuesday morning was a 10-mile tempo run, and I was worried about how my legs would hold up since I just did 12 miles on Sunday, but I felt pretty strong. My coach might have me peaking at just the right time. Yay.
Goal: 2 mile warm-up at recovery pace; 6 miles at HM pace (8:39); 2 mile cool down at recovery pace.
Actual: 9:41-9:31-8:41-8:33-8:14-8:28-8:49 (fueling)-8:28-9:10-9:21.

Next morning I was back at work balancing out the mileage with heavy lifting and speed & agility work. It’s this stuff (plus prehab) that makes it so I can run all the miles. Thanks to Trainer for keeping me healthy, strong, and fast(ish).

I had to do a hilly route for my long run since I couldn’t do my usual route “cuz of the poor air quality from the fires. I knew it was going to be a tougher run, but I was so inspired by Eliud Kipchoge’s historic feat. I have been thinking about it all weekend and watching the replay of the final meters over and over. So inspiring!! Throughout my run I’d think of Eliud and try to emulate him. Keeping my hands with the thumbs up as if brushing lint from my lapel, and when things got tough I’d smile. Anyway, solid run with only three weeks to go before Santa Clarita! (Photo from my Sat. run just a few hours after Ineos!)

Total Miles: 27
Long Mile: 13 miles

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