Training Week: September 30 to October 6

And we’re back to our regularly-scheduled training. After taking a week off to heal the callus, it is now at 80%. Of course, I then had to deal with this wonky ankle…also 80%. I’ll take it! Read on for how my comeback week went. (Does five days off qualify as enough time off to call it a comeback? A bit dramatic perhaps?)

Back at Tuesday Night Track. I ran a 400m warm-up; 3x4x300m; 100m walk; 800m cool-down. You guys, 100m goes real fast lol.

I was fortunate to have this woman set the pace the entire night – she was super consistent and strong, and I made sure to stay just one step behind her. Anyway, afterwards we were running our cool down laps together and chatting. I had known she had just started up track again, and it turns out she had been out due to some breast cancer concerns. She spent the summer having a lot of screenings done and was still on medication; yet she was here at the track running strong. Runners are so resilient.
Also, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Get your girls checked, ladies.

I had already gotten in some speedword before track tho. Listen, sometimes the process isn’t pretty. One of the books I’m reading is Matt Fitzgerald’s “How Bad Do You Want It? Mastering the Psychology of Mind over Muscle” which focuses on perceived effort. Here’s the last 30 seconds of the two-minute incline sprint on the treadmill that my trainer had me do the other day. (Did you know there is a 30-second threshold for maximum intensity perceived effort? Chapter 3.) I can’t believe I tapped out with 4 seconds to go!! But my quads had been burning with lactic acid for the prior 10-15 seconds, and I was scared I’d eat it on the treadmill. At least I didn’t puke. Or cry. Anyway, even though I didn’t quite finish, my contorting face and increasingly struggling gait as my coach barked instructions was confirmation that I had given it a v. solid effort, and that made me feel good as that has been my focus: full effort regardless of result. P.S. This was just the warm-up for my training session. Sheesh.

I’m also punishing myself – I mean, adding into my schedule – longer tempo runs these next couple weeks of training. Got in an 8-mile tempo run this week. And then finished off the week with a 12-mile long run.

Workout was 2 miles warm-up at recovery pace; 8 miles at marathon pace (goal ‪8:56‬); 2 miles cool-down at recovery pace. My actual paces were 9:44-9:21-8:59-8:59-9:00-8:42-9:01-8:41-8:46-8:43-‪9:53-9:27‬. Still super wonky 20-second disparity in my goal paces, but I think I averaged ‪8:56‬? Anyway, 4 weeks to go until my first half marathon in almost two years, and I am still working through some unexpected issues. One is that I have been cramping on my long runs ‪after 7-8‬ miles (I also cramped during my 10K at mile 4). Yesterday I had no cramping issues! Yay. Part of it may be the cooler weather, but I also added salt back into my diet and started drinking coconut water (thanks to my running buddy for the tip). While I will probably still cramp in my race as I will be running with more intensity — and I always cramp around mile 10 of a half — this is good news that I’m at least making it through my long runs cramp-free. Here.We.Go.

Home stretch. Here.We.Go.!

Total Miles: 26
Long Mile: 12 miles

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