Training Week: September 23 to September 29

Debated whether to even do a post about this week. Pretty much of a wash, and I just wanted to put it behind me. I couldn’t run until the end of the week, and then when I did…yikes. Five weeks until my first half marathon in almost two years. Very very not ideal. Read below for the details.

Runner down(ish). I inflamed a callus on my foot during the race on Saturday night…and then it probably didn’t help that I ran 10 miles the next morning. Ha. Anyway, this happened during another race three years ago, so I know I just have to let it calm down and not run for 5-7 days. Not ideal with the Santa Clarita half marathon in a few weeks! But my goal during these times is to train with the same focus and intensity but just in different ways. So I did pool running sprints and a tough upper body and core session with Trainer today. Rare footage of my coach actually being athletic. He usually doesn’t move — it was six months before I saw him run and realized he’s super really fast. Lol. (I tried but my Spider-Man crawl didn’t look the same as his.)

After the prescribed 5-day rest, I went for a three-mile run. OK, not bad. About 75%. So I went ahead and gave it a go on Sunday night and did a proper 9-mile run. It was bothersome at times, but doable, and I was about the 7.75 mile mark when Incident No. 2 occurred: I stepped into a pothole, fell, and rolled my ankle. Gah! I just sat there on the curb incredibly frustrated, both sad and mad. I walked on it for a little bit, and then I finished my run.

So now I’ve got an inflamed callus and a tender ankle (both left side). And now for issue no. 3: I keep cramping. In every race of a half marathon distance or more, I cramp. At half marathons it occurs at the 10-mile mark, and then for marathons around 20; however, now they are occurring during my training runs and in shorter races (the Be The Light 10K at mile 4). You guys, this is an issue. One thing I’ve immediately done is add salt back into my diet after having taken it out due to high blood pressure concerns. Then I spoke with my friend Kevin, and he gave me his tips, so I will be adding coconut water into my diet. I will also try his pre-race diet advice.

This is not how I had hoped the last month of training would go, but I think about Allyson Felix, the most decorated female sprinter in U.S. history, and how she had a freak ankle injury occur right before the 2016 Olympic trials. While these the callus, ankle, and cramping are not ideal circumstances, I am determined to figure it out and give this half marathon my best shot.

Total Miles: 12
Long Mile: 9 miles

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