Five Things: Lost Work Perk-Outfit of the Week-Creepiest Thing I’ve Heard-Book Review-Best Wedding Idea Ever

The Work Perk I Lost. So if you’ve been following my social media, then you know I have work perks, like a flexible start time and ambiguous (yea, let’s call it that) dress code to name a couple. But I also had another bonus: my own parking space.

OK, it’s really one of my boss’s, but he primarily works remote from home, so his parking space — as is GG custom — by default goes to his assistant. That would be yours truly. So about 8-9 out of 10 working days, I had the sweetest spot; it was on B-Level right by the exit ramp. Now without an assigned parking space, you either end up in the Dungeon (D-Level) or having to valet or, yikes, both. Well friends, that came to an end a few weeks ago when administration decided to make my boss’s parking space a “let’s build a better office culture” symbol and transformed it into the Honoree of the Month parking space. The honoree is picked among staff via lottery, and the winner gets the space for a month. Harumph. Not to worry. Turns out your girl has a nice little arrangement with the valet attendant, who was as perplexed as I was about this turn of events. So now when I pull up, if there’s one available, he will direct me to a free parking spot where he knows the occupant doesn’t come in that day. Pro tip: Always give a generous Christmas gift to the valet guys. Enough said.


Outfit of the Week. Rodarte is one of my faves. Mixed patterns, the gloves, the bold silhouette. Love love love! Perhaps the only thing I would change is I would have put her hair up to accent her décolletage, and I am partial to a red lipstick when wearing black and/or white.


Creepiest Thing I’ve Heard in a Minute. To parallel a famous James Baldwin quote “To be a woman and relatively conscious is to be fearful almost all the time.” I’ve written before about how I have learned to be On Alert, having experienced offenses by men from the relatively small (the “friendly” hug I don’t want to give) to the full-on super aggressive (I’m keeping that detail to myself).  Being around men whether it’s at the office or other spaces, I am privy to hearing how all sorts of men — including “nice” men — talk. Recently a friend relayed how he was walking with another guy and mentioned “Hey, that girl is cute.” OK, so that’s not weird. But then his acquaintance replies “Yeah…let’s find out where she jogs.” WHAT?! There was no follow-through, but to hear this guy who, by the way, looks perfectly benign, and other guys talk…Is it any wonder that a survey stated that 81 percent of women had experienced some form of sexual harassment during their lifetime? Seriously. Ugh.

Book Review. Last month I finished “Out of the House of Bondage: The Transformation of the Plantation Household” by Thavolia Glymph. This is a highly researched and sophisticated analysis of the relationship between black and white women in the slaveholding South.  Once connected by slavery, this book chronicles how both built new lives on the ground of freedom. Dr. Glymph denotes the plantation household a political space and sets aside the misconception that the house was a private space. “Day-to-Day resistance constituted the principal weapon of slave women against the plantation household.” (p. 91)


Best Wedding Idea Ever. I’m someone who had my bridesmaids walk down a circular staircase at the Madonna Inn to the “Star Wars Theme Song,” so maybe I’m biased, but this seems like it was a fun, joyful wedding. I dunno, it just screams of the love and understanding between them, and a good sense of humor about the Wedding Industrial Complex.



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