Training Week: August 26 to September 1

Whew, it got real this week. I’ve been building and building my mileage, and not only did I hit a 30-mile week, but that long run…finally felt like a proper long run. Read on for the details.

Was running late this morning so I had to cut my track workout short. Still got in .5 mile warm-up; 6×400; 400m recovery. So I’m signed up for my next race — a little tune-up 10K. I’m a little thrown off tho ‘cuz I am squarely a morning runner, and this will be my first time racing at night. How do I fuel — I prefer running on an emptyish stomach? Do I sleep the entire day or take a long nap to simulate waking up in the morning? Do I have to wear a headlamp? Hmmm. This will be interesting.

Some of the work I did off the road this week. (1) The jump squats help with explosiveness and lower-body strength. (2) The single-leg stuff reveals the imbalances and/or weakness in my legs. I feel fine when I’m running and don’t think there are any (potential) issues, but these exercises expose them and helps prevent them getting worse. (3) The slow and controlled prehab work like the band exercise is what makes me sweat the most believe it or not! And the sled jump-push-burpee is a new form of torture that Trainer came up with. I have been trying not to cuss, but for sure I let out an F-bomb during this. I mean, seems like someone my size and age should not be doing this, OK? BUT, we ran hills this morning, and your girl ran her fastest on this route, so I guess this stuff helped or whatever. Ha.


I have no idea why I’m smiling — this was miserable. I have only had some outlier 12+ mile runs over the last year and a half, so my endurance is definitely shot. I had forgotten all the little nicks that happen in runs this long, like chafing ugh. I also didn’t eat too good the night before. I went to a party so I was fueled by tortila chips. I can get away with that for 10 miles, but I’ll do better next week. Also it was hot, and even though I had taken salt pills, my calves and adductors started cramping at about 11.25 miles. I really wanted to stop at 13, but I finished. It was ugly, and I have a lot of work to do to get back into half marathon shape, but my body overall feels good, so I’m hopeful with consistency I can get back there. Lastly, I had forgotten how wiped out and woozy I feel afterwards. I showed up to church after, and the greeter was like “Are you Ok?” Ha. Then I took a two hour nap…I missed these days.

Total Miles: 30
Long Run: 14 miles


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