Training Week: August 19 to August 25

Week of some daunting physical challenges, including jump push-ups, a daunting hill drill, and a 13-mile long run. But it was the mental stuff that needed addressing first. Read on for this week’s training summary.

This week began with me switching up training plans. I had been doing the Run Less, Run Faster training program, but I decided to go back to the training plan that I’ve had the most success with: Brain Training for Runners by Matt Fitzgerald. Unfortunately, since I was jumping into it several weeks in, my long run was going to jump from 10 miles to 13 miles. Yikes.

But before that there was a solid base pace run-plus run. I did this run in the evening, which is rare. I prefer to get my mileage in first thing in the morning, but my next race is an evening one (first time doing that!), and so it’s good practice to get used to that. Ugh. Ran 5 miles at an 8:36 average. Even better, my miles were super consistent at 8:36-8:38-8:33-8:35-8:36. Just recently I had been bemoaning my lack of consistency in my paces due to running “by feel” the last year, so this was v. exciting.

Also got it in at the track with a workout consisting of 1000m then 600m, then some drills on the hill where I did two sets each of forward squat jumps into a sprint and then backward squat jumps into a sprint. Oh.My.Quads.

Also hit the cross-training with some upper body work and prehab.

Closed out the week with my longest run in a year – 13 miles – and I hit goal pace squarely. Yay.

So there’s a saying that goes something like “running is 90% mental and the other 10% is in your mind”.  That has for sure been the case for me. While these videos are of me doing v. physical things, it starts with my mindset. The theme with my coach this week was “No limits.” I was struggling with an exercise, and I whined to him “When am I going to be strong enough to do this?!” and he said “You already are.” I don’t know why, but that flipped a switch in me, and I did the rest of the workout with that belief. So strange how we (un)consciously put limitations on ourselves. Up to that point, I had been telling myself my legs are too skinny; I’m a distance runner; I don’t have that much power. The last video is the Negotiation my coach and I have to go through sometimes. It’s good to have someone who believes that you are capable of more than you think you are. (Hopefully he is nicer. I kid, I kid.) Hope everyone had a great training week!

Total Miles: 28.5
Long Run: 13 miles

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