Training Week: August 12 to August 18

Gah. It was a wonky week with a weird schedule, and I only had one satisfying run. Oh well. Turning the page on it, but read on for the breakdown.

The week started awful. On Monday I strolled on up to the gym thinking I was going to ease into the week with an upper body workout with Trainer…well, I guessed wrong.

I walked into a straight-up cardio session from hell and was dripping sweat within five minutes. Yikes.

Tuesday brought my one and only satisfying run: a six-mile tempo run. Goal was 8:26 and I hit it! Paces weren’t very consistent tho: 8:27-8:18-8:27-8:24-8:16-8:36.

The benefit of working with a coach is that someone helps with the overall vision. Whereas I was used to training week-to-week or race-to-race, my coach @2ndwindstudios looks at the larger picture and bigger blocks of time, and he plans my supplemental and outdoor training accordingly. So during the time I was not running for mileage (four long weeks), we lifted heavy and did short and fast stuff on the track. Now I’m in my base building phase, and we are doing more prehab and other overall conditioning. Here’s some of the work I did off the road. I can’t help but think that this work is a large reason for me hitting that tempo pace.

My usual schedule is Tuesday track or tempo; Wednesday recovery; Thursday track or tempo; Friday full rest day; Saturday long run day; Sunday recovery. Only Tuesday and Wednesday went according to schedule. So what that means is that while my long run is usually done the day after a rest day on fresh legs, this week my long run was done on fatigued legs. I could tell from the first half mile that my legs were trash plus my breathing was pretty heavy. So this is where it gets mentally tough for me. It’s a struggle to brace myself for 9.5 more miles, knowing I’m going to be way off pace, and that it’s going to be physically difficult. Realizing that and still completing the run and giving a solid effort throughout is the real workout. So while I winced seeing my overall pace, I was proud of myself for doing the run. Plus my last three miles were some of my quicker miles, and I felt stronger. I should be back on my regular schedule next week, and so I’m hoping for redemption in the next 10-mile run.

Total Miles: 26
Long Run: 10 miles

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