Five Things: Shoe Steaze – My Boss – Surreal Invite – Photo of the Week – Living Cyclically

This week’s Five Things: Some Shoe Steaze; My Boss Almost Made Me Cry; a Surreal Invite; Photo of the Week; and Living Cyclically (For Women Only).

Shoe Porn.  One of my favorite styles is the updated classic, and an item that I think is a perfect foil for this is the espadrille. Such an old school East Coast summer staple, but also flexible enough for a designer to give it a twist. So I already owned this pair.


I mean, look at the mix in textures, from the classic roped heel to the black leather upper that is finished with a thoroughly modern studded detailing. I mean, come ON. Comfortable but stylish; traditional but edgy. They’re ASH brand.

And this summer I added this take on the espadrille: a sneaker platform with a ribbon tie. Sporty on the bottom and feminine on the top. I’m basically wearing them with every sundress I own this season.

Free People.

My Boss Almost Made Me Cry. So not only was it my birthday a couple days ago, this month also marks the 21-year anniversary of me working with my Boss. I KNOW. Same dude, over two decades. Here is a link to the super sappy post I wrote on IG about him last year when it was our 20-year anniversary. Anyway, this is what he wrote on my birthday card.

You guys, this is the actual time I punched into the office that day. This is not an aberration.

My question is What kind of sick game is this man playing???? Ha.

Low key, I was quite moved. I think we both lucked out in this pairing. Yay.

Most Surreal Invite. A couple months ago an Outlook invite popped up onto my screen, and I did a double-take. What? Wow. But yeah, “Accept.”

Active Shooter

After the workshop I had such mixed feelings about it. I wanted to share the info with people because it’s helpful, but it’s also a dark topic, and I didn’t want to bum anyone out. Well, given the recent shootings in El Paso, TX and Dayton, OH, here is some info that might be helpful.

1. Have a plan and make a decision. Run, hide, or (last resort) fight. Know where the exits are and scope out possible rooms to duck into beforehand.

2. Most shooters tip off that they will attack. They will post on social media, and sometimes you can tell by someone’s behavior. What this means for me or anyone else who works in a public space is be aware of your co-workers, and if you are concerned about someone’s behavior and suspicious that it may indicate potential workplace violence, then do not report it to HR. IKR? Turns out they cannot do much without proof. But you can report them to LAPD’s iWatch: 888-275-5273 (non-emergency police response line), and they will open a file.

3. Here is a link to a booklet from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

Favorite Photo of the Week. Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose. Texas forever.


Living Cyclically (For Women Only). I was listening to a podcast where the guest was Kate Northrup, author of “Do Less: A Revolutionary Approach to Time and Energy Management for Busy Moms,” and she shared this amazing productivity hack. Turns out Kate is also the daughter of a doctor who is known as — well, for want of a better term — a period expert. While men cycle hormonally ever 24 hours, women cycle every 28 days. So what does that mean productivity-wise. Well, one might want to designate certain tasks for a project, so that it aligns with one’s cycle from idea to completion. Here’s how it works:

1. Follicular: Creativity and new beginnings, high physical energy, desire to be out and active.

2. Ovulation: Connecting with community, heightened communication skills, magnetism.

3. Luteal: Decline in physical energy, energy turns inward, nesting, administrative, detail-oriented tasks feel like priorities, slowing down.

4. Menstrual: Looking within, reflecting on what’s working and what’s not working in your life, letting go, course-correcting, deeper connection to intuition

Our bodies are amazing!



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