Training Week: August 5 to August 11

Second week into an official training plan. It’s been a little intimidating following a formal plan again as I’ve been super flexible with my running this past year. Starting to get back in the flow of that more regimented life — I did this for five straight years…It’s good to be back.

NFL training camp has started, and coincidentally this morning I got to run with two football players: my coach (former cornerback) and a kid who just graduated high school and will be playing college football this fall (running back). I did not have cornerback speed…but the kid wasn’t ready for it. Ha. It’s a tough trail with sneaky hills, and not gonna lie, I wasn’t ready either. I had to stop about three times. Ugh. On top of it, my coach wants me to “attack” the course and go out fast. I struggle with overcoming distance runner mentality because I just want to hold back and make sure I have something left in the tank. It is super scary to go all-out from the start, but it is good mental and physical practice to test that limit. I mean, I can’t literally die out there on the trail, can I? Can I?!?!

Shout out to my coach and buddy @2ndwindstudios This week marks one year since we started working together again after a year break (he has trained me almost three years total). I have had the good fortune to have benefited from strong coaching and mentorship on and off the field, and it is an invaluable part of my life. These unique relationships don’t come about just by luck though — see previous post about finding the right coach. In short, it is a result of the 3-Cs: competency, character, and connection.

This was my second week doing a “long” run of 9 miles. (Is it a long run when it’s not double digits???) The focus was on trying to nail down my pace – I was aiming for 8:42 again. I spent most of the past year running by feel, and my paces have been all over the place. This year I’m focusing on the prescribed pace on the training plan, and while it’s been annoying being so checkity-check with my Garmin, I know it will ultimately pay off. Last week I had much wider swings in pace; my fastest and slowest mile had a 34 second difference; this week that difference was 18 seconds! My pace was overall about 5 seconds faster, but even better was that I felt stronger. Like my legs remembered the extra mileage and were all “oh, we’re doing this again”. Some good faster miles near the end: 8:45-8:35-8:46-8:39-8:43-8:33-8:30-8:26-8:40. Yay.

Total Miles: 25
Long Run: 9 miles


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