Five Things: Fall Fashion – Gross Food – Spirituality and Grammar – “Liberal” L.A. – and Lisa

New Five Things: My favorite Fall look (beware!); A Gross Food I Low Key want to try, Spirituality and Grammar, “Liberal” L.A., and Why Lisa Bonet is still the Queen.

My Fave Fall Fashion Look. I know it’s hot as Hades, but I am digging these Amish-meets-Librarian looks. The Chanel line for Fall-Winter 2019/20 has a distinctly bookish vibe, and newish designer Batsheva has brought back the Anne of Green Gables look. Warning: Do not wear these collections if you are a single hetero woman — definitely Man Repellant. Ha. Also, how old is too old to wear a Raggedy Ann/Prarie dress? Swoon.



Gross Food I Low Key want to try. Listen, I like contrasts. And I feel like the creamy richness of a full fat ice cream would be balanced well with the tartness of a hint of mustard flavor. The color is nice and bright for summer too.


Spirituality and Grammar. This weekend I was leading a group where the topic was Faith and a Practical Spiritual Life, and this guy shared his litmus test on his spiritual condition. He said it was all in the grammar. His example was “I live in an apartment and a family of 6 moves next door.” So, it’s either “This really big noisy family moved next door. They’re too rowdy and it’s awful” or “This large loving family moved next door. They’re so friendly and sometimes they drop by with food for me.” He said that God provides the nouns and verbs…I supply the adjectives.

“Liberal” L.A. Californians – and especially Angelenos – tend to view the South as far more racist than LA. This week I listened to a podcast “Is Racism Worse in the South” which helped articulate that perception (there is definitely truth), but also notes why traditionally known liberal parts of the country are not absolved of racism. While they are primarily speaking to institutional racism, there was some good ‘ol racial profiling being done here at the Nike store in Santa Monica. Ugh. That poor kid had to suffer through that, and the store manager didn’t even apologize!

Why Lisa Bonet is Queen Bee. You know she told them to do it. And of course they did. Because Lisa.


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