Training Week: July 22 to July 28

First week back to running mileage happened while on vacation in Colombia. Here’s how it went.

First run in Colombia! First run for mileage in four weeks!

So I don’t usually like to work this hard when I’m on vacation, but running in Medellin is challenging few reasons: (1) hilly; (2) city running — meaning I’m weaving in and out of people and running on pavers; and (3) altitude. Medellin is at 4900 ft. elevation, and while I’m not altitude sick, there are certain things I’ve noticed — like how much more water I have to drink. So basically running in Medellin is like running on a very crowded cement trail in Denver. Ha. But where there’s a will, there’s a way!

So it was surprisingly easy to eat vegan in Colombia. Medellin is one of the most biodiverse cities in the world and home to many exotic fruits. This was the Amarillo Bowl that I had for breakfast several times. I mean, my breakfast >>>>> right?!!What in the heck is that red thing?!?!? I’ll tell you what it is – it’s one of the best things I’ve ever eaten (Granadilla). I don’t even like fruit! Anyway I found the juice/bowl place and I popped in there after my run. Met some dude from the West Adams section of LA – what are the chances of two Angelenos ending up at the juice place in Medellin??? Ha. The flowers are edible. Yay.

This was my fave vegan place where I had my fave meal.

Last run in Medellin! Not gonna lie, I can’t wait to get back to my regular running route. The stone pavers and crowds don’t make for great running; in fact, I’ve only seen one other female runner and only three total. Just a lot of “why is she running, no one is chasing her” looks. Ha.

Got home late on Saturday night, and woke up early to beat the heat. This was my longest run in five weeks! Oh and it was super awesome to be running back on my regular route. I enjoyed my vacation, but I’m a creature of habit and love my routine so…😁😁😁. Anyway, tomorrow I start a structured training plan for a couple fall races — I am ready for it!!

Total Miles: 18
Long Run: 6 miles


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