Training Week: July 15 to July 21

Last week of no mileage running. Yay. Here’s how I made it through the final stretch!

Track Tuesday! The workout tonight was supposed to be 4 sets of 4x300m, but I only did half. When I told my coach we did 15x200m last session he said that was too many for the phase we are in now. In other words if I could do 15, then I wasn’t going fast enough, and right now we’re focusing on speed and strength. So instead of going comfortably uncomfortable to complete the whole workout, I tried to stay within 10 yards of my friend Eddie who is usually in Group 1. Faster than I want to go! The best part of the night is when I got to keep passing this kid on each rep. He kept getting so frustrated lol. “Some girls chase boys…I pass them.”

Still going heavy on my lower body strengthening in my offseason. This entire workout was a nightmare. All of it. This is just a quarter of it — squats on the Smith machine, treadmill digs (treadmill is off – leg power has to move the belt), weighted jump lunges, and ladder hops for a full minute. When my boss saw me he told me I looked really tired. Luckily for me I have a superpower: I can fall asleep anywhere. So I took myself over to the tax law library, went to the back row of bookshelves, sat on a footstool and napped for 20 minutes. IKR. I was tired for two days. Ha.

This “rest” period sure didn’t feel very restful!

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