Training Week: July 8 to July 14

“But where do you get your protein?” The same place an omnivore’s protein gets their protein — Plants!

Since there’s not too much running going on right now, here’s a look into my diet.

I started my offseason, and for the next few weeks I’m not running any mileage and just focusing on loading up muscle (and speed). A common misconception about vegans is that we are weak and scrawny due to our lack of animal protein, but I get my protein from a lot of greens and whole foods. This is the organic antioxidant salad from Erewhon: kale, arugula, hemp seeds, blueberries, walnuts, lemon juice, extra virgin olive oil, sea salt and pepper. Swipe for Exhibit B…this is what a vegan athlete looks like. So if you’re concerned about getting weaker on a plant-based diet – don’t be. Eat what elephants eat. Consider this post your Monday Motivation and inspiration for a Meatless Monday!

P.S. I turn 52 next month. IJS.

The second focus of my no mileage running/beginning base phase is building muscle before I start piling on the miles, so we are lifting heavier than usual. A typical lower body session has me lifting heavy and fatiguing my legs, then doing drills/exercises that require me to be light on my feet. So this session included stuff like a hex bar deadlift with band, sled pulls (harder than sled push); side band walk with bar; and some jump rope at the end. Oftentimes during the middle of a race schedule I feel pretty rundown, so it’s a nice to feel strong – even if for a little bit.

Hill sprints this weekend! The drive phase up to the halfway point was fine, but then it got real. That lactic acid hit and I never got fully recovered before it was time to go up again — I was dying! What got me up wasn’t just my legs but my arms. Like most distance runners I didn’t pay too much attention to my upper body, but since it has gotten stronger, I have gotten faster 🤔. At my track group our arms stay relaxed until our final set when our coach will instruct us to use our “power” arms but keep our legs the same pace. Off my upper body alone, I will fly past people. The odd thing is that I got stronger without lifting heavy weights. Trainer sneaks it in during core and footwork drills. Even though this ladder drill looks like a footwork drill, Trainer wanted me to focus on pumping my arms fast — how the arms go, the feet follow. Anyway, three weeks no mileage running; one week left. I think I’m gonna make it!! Hope everyone had a great training week!


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