Training Week: July 1 to July 7

Week 2 of no mileage running. Here’s how it went!

Fifteen 200s! I kept a steady and controlled pace and hit all my reps pretty evenly. Quite pleased with my effort. Sticking to Group 2 for now…

The focus of this week’s footwork drills was on keeping my feet light. During my year off from working with Trainer, I got into a bad habit of coming down hard on my footstrike, and my feet are super loud and heavy, so I’m trying to step up and out more and just stay light (one of the techniques for this is to keep my toes up which you can hear my coach yelling in the second video). The first video is the ONLY video of me not messing up a drill. Trainer added different stuff (the Icky Shuffle!) and an extra element, so it was a struggle — included below are the bloopers. I thought he was gonna kill me lol.

The end of week 2 of no mileage running. I was getting a little antsy and wanted to run a 3-miler the night before this workout, but I’m glad I didn’t. Focus was on good form and light feet, and my lack of mileage had me feeling bouncier on the track and like my knees were lifting higher. Trainer said I looked good and — better yet — sounded good. Meaning, my feet didn’t sound like a herd of elephants barreling down the track. Yay!

150s; 120s; hill sprints

I thought I would be kicking it and taking it easy in this offseason, but this doesn’t really feel relaxing. Ha. Two more weeks before I get to do mileage again!


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