Training Week: June 24 to June 30

It’s the beginning of my off season, and I have three goals in these four weeks. Read below for what’s in store.

Goal no. 1 is to build back my speed, so everything is short and fast — including my pool work. Usually when I pool run, it’s at an easy pace ‘cuz I’m in the middle of a distance training cycle and just trying to get miles in without damaging my body, but since I’m in the speed building phase, I did intervals: 5 min. warm-up; 10x 1 min. sprint; 1 min. jog; 5 min. cool down. This was some work! My goal is to get to 10x 2 min. sprint; 1 min. jog.

Since one of my goals in the beginning of this offseason is to get faster, I’m focusing on speedwork/intervals in the next few weeks. But that doesn’t just mean work on the track. Trainer and I did a lot of speed drills this morning…Can I just say this “rest” period from running is not very restful?!? Lol. What makes these drills esp. difficult is that (1) we load up the legs first with weights and/or explosive movements, so they are fatigued, and then (2) each drill has a slightly different tweak whether it’s the pattern, the direction I’m facing, or which foot is up, and it’s difficult to think when you’re that tired, so you really have to focus. It’s good mental and physical training! You guys, I was TIRED.

In keeping with the speed theme this month, it was 400s this morning. 7×400 at 5k pace; 200m jog. I was happy to feel the reps getting easier as the session went on. So this week it was two track workouts; two pool interval days; and one indoor speed session. I really really can’t wait until I can run one full easy mile again 😂.

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