Training Week: June 17 to June 23

This was the prep week for my Goal Race. Although I’d done several races this season — beginning in December — I viewed them mostly as training races (i.e., I didn’t taper) and trying to race myself into shape after basically taking a year off. Doing prep was like riding a bike — felt good to feel the nerves again.

Mondays are my active rest days. It’s a great way for me to recover after the weekend’s hard workouts and ease into a new week of training. I just like to keep things moving easy and relaxed: 30 minutes aqua jogging and then 90 minutes of Bikram yoga. My body feels great, and I’m ready to take on the week.

Early morning trail run with Trainer on Tuesday. Spent some time on mindset training and going over the plan for the upcoming offseason and beyond. I am v. excited/scared for what’s to come. Ha. Good way to start the day!

Light track workout then cardio and prehab session with Trainer that included 6 sets of 90 sec. jump ropes. I didn’t mean to work this hard, I swear.

3×300; walk 50; 150m
6x hill sprints


Post-race run to end the week. Last bit of mileage for four weeks. My coach and I were planning for my post-season last Tuesday, and I asked him what I should do after my last race. I said — and I quote: “I will do whatever you tell me to do.” (I had only reached this state of reasonableness after he beat me in the 10K.) His response was for me to stop running mileage for 4 weeks. Wow. WOW. So only track, indoor speed, short hill runs. No base/junk mileage (i.e., slow/long stuff). He’s right; I need a break plus I need to fire up the speed again. So I enjoyed this slow run — didn’t even bring my watch!

Race report in next post!

Total Miles: 20+
Long Run: 7.5

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