Training Week: June 3 to June 9

It was a fun and humbling week. See below for the details.

Track Tuesday! A good pacer is everything. We did 400s tonight, and one of the young women in my group ran track (hurdles) in college and spent a couple years being a 400m pacer. She knew exactly what pace we were doing and could even call out the time halfway through the rep. I stayed 2-3 steps behind her, and it was nice and even for six reps. Such a relief to just be able to relax and follow her lead. Then on our last rep, I could tell she was going a little faster….Wow, we ran it 9 seconds faster than our average rep! She was like “I forgot to tell you I was going to run that about 10 seconds faster.” Um, yeah you did 😂 Sheesh. Here’s the workout:

5×400 warm-up
4×400; 200 walk/jog
3×400; 200 walk/jog
800 cool-down


Lower body day yesterday. Trainer had me doing work with weights first – squat jumps with the bar, dead lifts, sled push/pull – then we did the drills. The middle video is no-arms at first to drive the legs, and the last video is me running on the treadmill under my own power (i.e., no help at all from the equipment). Try it for 30 seconds. Yikes. The first video is my fave ‘cuz I like my transition…it confirms for me that in another life I was a defensive back. Ha. Ran all this work off with a 4-mile recovery run afterwards. Your girl was tired.



And then The Humbling.

This is the finish line video for the 10K I ran on Saturday with my church to celebrate our 4-year anniversary (yay!). It was supposed to be a fun run, with part of the fun being that I was supposed to win easily.  I got out to the lead and then looked to my left and who was there??? My coach! Gah. This dude is a former football player and track athlete; not a distance runner, and he showed me what’s what 😂. I kept waiting for him to fade, but he never did, and he stayed bouncy the whole time. Anyway, he has been trying to get me to run less and trust in the training, but I’ve been hesitant to do so. I blame it on all the years of distance-running mentality: More Miles = Faster Race Times — even though my recent race times don’t bear this out. And then I got beat by a guy who has probably run a total of maybe 8 miles in the past month and that included the 10K he schooled me in. Sometimes you just have to be shown. Lol! Well-played, coach! (He was nice and wanted to run it in together.)

Total Miles: 26
Long Run: 6.2

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