Training Week: May 27 to June 2

The surprising high and inexplicable low. OK, a little dramatic. Here’s how the week went.

Track Tuesday!! The best thing about tonight was the thought I had in my last five steps of the workout before the cool down. After a difficult year in my regular life, I’ve only recently been feeling like myself again. While I’ve been training and running races, I haven’t had the bandwidth emotionally to really go for it. Anyway, tonight in our last 300, I could hear footsteps on my right for the last 100m and as we came up on the finish, a part of me was like “just back off, it’s not a race.” But then another voice said “step on their throat” and then I went a little harder and leaned my chest into the finish. That felt pretty good.

Here’s the workout:
1200 w/u
6×100 strides
6×100 strides
1000 c/d

Show Your Work. I am old enough to remember that when we did long division math — I think I already lost some people — in grade school, we couldn’t just come up with the answer. We had to show our work; all the steps to get to the finished product. The race is the final-final product, but even my regular training runs are the result of a lot of work. So when you see my photos of Track Tuesday or 8 miles at 8:31 pace, this was some of the stuff I had to do to get there. Lots of leg strengthening and prehab. While it was 90-10 running to leg strengthening in my 20s, it’s now about 65-35 in my 50s. I don’t mind…I want to run for a long time! Anyway, 1-hour lower body work with Trainer and an easy 3 miles this morning. Thanks to Trainer for keeping me healthy!

Even more time in the pool due to tweaking myself in the most random ways. Tweak No. 1 starts out “I was jaywalking…”, rushing and stepped into a pothole and jacked up my left side/lower back. Gah. Then on Thursday I was using the Theragun on my calf and had the brilliant idea that “if a little is good then…” and got super aggressive with that thing and pulverized my calf like a cheap piece of meat. Wow it was sore the next morning. So since Friday I’ve been in the pool three days and hit Bikram yoga twice. I already feel pretty good but will take one more running day off before I hit track on Tuesday night. Hope everyone had a great training week!

Total Miles: 13
Long Run: 6

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