Training Week: May 20 to May 26

Hot-cold-hot-cold. Plus some bad news for a distance runner. Check out the weekly summary.

Monday is usually a non-running day and yoga. Not just some chill, namaste, stretchy stuff. Nope, I do a 90- minute Bikram yoga class. I have tried a lot — A LOT — of different yoga classes, but I always come back to Bikram. It is so physically and mentally challenging. From staying in a hot and humid room to not being able to fiddle around between postures; to doing the exact same 26 poses every class. It is definitely not for everyone, but it suits me perfectly. I love the way my body feels afterwards — like it’s been squeezed and stretched from the inside out, bone to skin. And speaking of skin, my skin looks 👌🏾 afterwards lol. Anyway the real reason I do it tho is so I stay healthy enough to run. Yup it all comes back to the running!

Lunch run on a gorgeous day in LA. My usual route is super flat and suburban, so my office route is a nice change of pace. I start out at a pretty commercial area — which is actually mile 18 of the LA Marathon — and end up at UCLA. The whole route has some nice rolling hills. Anyway the real fun is going down tonight: ice bath. Ugh. Luckily I get a hot epsom salt bath right after for dessert. It’s pretty sad when a warm bath feels like dessert. Definitely a runner’s life lol.

Strong long tempo run on the road and then 60 min. run in the pool; total of 120 min. pool running this week. So the increase in pool running is a result of a Lecture from my coach. I mentioned my Achilles felt a little tight at our track session on Wednesday, and then I heard it about my mileage volume. Long story short, he wants me to cut down my miles. Ugh! I already cut down my miles! Cutting mileage goes against everything I know to do as a distance runner…but I can’t escape the fact that not only do I stay healthy at a lower mileage, I also tend to run faster. So he has “suggested” that I do less total weekly mileage but at a faster pace. I won’t say the number of miles because honestly I don’t think I can do that number, but I will aim close. Anyway, I’m doing the junk miles/building endurance in the pool. I pray I don’t go crazy.

Total Miles: 23 (Ugh)
Long Run: 8

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